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Yoga for runners: Sun Salutation B (video)

For those of you WalkJogRun readers who find it hard to visualize yoga poses by just reading descriptions, you’re in luck! Today’s post is a video you can follow along with.

Sun Salutation Bs are a favorite sequence often taught in vinyasa and power yoga classes. The sequence is powerful and works to heat and activate the muscles throughout the entire body. There are quite a few chaturangas (or high to low push-ups) in this sequence so listen to your body as you move along. Drop your knees for the push up or skip it all together as needed. Once you get more and more comfortable with this sequence you can try doing it with your eyes closed to really connect each breath with its corresponding movement. Don’t take this sequence to seriously. Add in your own flare if it feels good in your body. This sequence can be repeated as many times as you’d like and would be great as a warm-up to a run.

Yoga sequence and article by Lisa Horvath / Video by Angel Russell 

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