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Race day checklist

Do you know what’s not fun? Showing up at a marathon, ready to run, only to find out you left your socks at home. Yup, I’ve done that (you should have seen my feet afterwards – yikes). And I’d be willing to bet that many of you have similar experiences.

Have no fear, we have you covered so that will never happen again. With this checklist, it will be near impossible to leave any race day essentials at home.

We broke it down into three different categories – things you’ll need before, during, and after the race. We recommend packing a pre- and post-race bag for your before and after the race items. Wear your “during the race” stuff to the race – that way you’ll be sure you won’t forget anything. (Click here to get a larger version of the checklist.)


Directions to the race course always help, too. Note that if you’re traveling to a destination race, this checklist won’t be comprehensive — don’t forget your travel confirmation numbers. Likewise if you’re competing in a triathlon – remember your goggles, bike, and helmet.

 Written by Jen Matz.