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Eat this, vegetarian runners


I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 — so, 18 years and counting. However, I’ve only been running for the past 10 years. As a result, I don’t have a reference point for how non-vegetarian and vegetarian or vegan running compare. What I do know is that regardless of one’s particular diet — and […]

Running for fitness


We’re a little race heavy around here, huh? While training is exciting, it’s certainly not for everyone. For the first four years of my running “career”, I didn’t race. I was in school and, frankly, I couldn’t justify paying to run a race when I could run on my own for free (in 2011, the […]

Race Recap: Women’s Distance Festival 5K Recap


I ran the 29th annual Women’s Distance Festival 5K in my hometown last Thursday evening. It’s the one 5K I make a point to attend every year, whether I’m trained to race the distance or not. Why? Well, the whole point of the event is to celebrate women and running. In fact, the race series […]

My first run: Jen Matz


It was ten years ago. I was home from college for the summer when my mom got the phone call. One of our family’s dearest friends was on life support after a freak accident. We planned to go to the hospital that evening to say our goodbyes. In the interim, I didn’t know what to […]

Recipe: banana peanut butter ice cream


I can already see the comments below this post. “No thank you,” “I’ll stick with regular ice cream,” “gross.” Before you all dismiss me as a health food nut let me preface this recipe. This is not a straight substitute for ice cream. Honestly though, is anything an equivalent substitute? Even if it’s store bought? […]

Off season for runners: take a break from running

4 reasons long runs go bad

I once heard the key to a long, successful running career was knowing when to take it easy. One easy run per week, one easy week per month, and one easy month per year. During these runs, runners shouldn’t focus on distance or pace. Their only goal should be … well, taking it easy. Most […]

Walk this way: the benefits of walking for exercise


There’s been a lot of focus on running lately, so we wanted to mix it up a bit and highlight walking today. After all, runners have to walk before they can run, and walking is an excellent workout in its own right. Here’s five reasons why: Walking can be a great way to start a […]

Yoga for runners: Sun Salutation B (video)

For those of you WalkJogRun readers who find it hard to visualize yoga poses by just reading descriptions, you’re in luck! Today’s post is a video you can follow along with. Sun Salutation Bs are a favorite sequence often taught in vinyasa and power yoga classes. The sequence is powerful and works to heat and […]

Becoming a morning runner


I’m trying something new with my running. It has nothing to do with faster or longer workouts either. You see, I’m a deeply passionate evening runner. I’d actually prefer nights, truth be told. Since leaving my 9 to 5 to work for myself and having a toddler, though, leaving my runs till the end of […]

Bouncing back (mentally) after a bad race

it band pain

It was October 2010. I’d been marathon training for four months with one goal on my mind: to BQ. My training went fairly well and I truly thought I had a shot. Then race morning came and my nerves got the best of me. I was barely able to choke down breakfast. Then during the […]