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8 tips to start running with your dog


Are you looking for a new running buddy? You may not have to look far. Your ideal running mate may be your best friend. Your best furry friend, that is. Dogs are great running partners (especially ones that are mixed with certain breeds). They’re always eager to head out the door and don’t complain — […]

Recipe: zucchini noodle “pasta”


Last week I bought a new kitchen gadget. Honestly I’m not really one to buy gadgets. I don’t feel the need for all those fancy tools. Even my popsicle molds that were used to make these watermelon and cucumber popsicles felt extravagant. When I create recipes I like them to be accessible to everyone, using […]

Speedwork for beginners (or stubborn veterans)

what to do if you miss a training run

I’ve never been great with doing hard workouts to get the results I ultimately want to see on the clock at the finish line. But I know getting better requires work. Slowly, I have come to understand and accept this fact. I’ve been trying to incorporate more speedwork into my regular training routine. It’s not […]

Marathon day strategy: dos and don’ts

You’ve trained for weeks, run hundreds of miles and hours, and finally it’s Marathon Day. While race day strategy isn’t as big of a factor as your actual training and conditioning, having a good game plan can help ensure you do the absolute best you can that day. So let’s start with the basics of […]

Running does the body good

It’s no secret that running can help keep weight in check and reduce the risk of dangerous conditions, like type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Running comes with a whole host of health benefits. Here’s how running does your body good: Head: Relief for migraine sufferers may […]

Marathon training paces: how to reach your finish time goal

Whether trying to PR, BQ, or just run a strong first marathon, there’s probably a number you want to see on that clock at the finish line. To reach your goal, you need to train at the appropriate paces — and adjust them throughout your training cycle. But how do you know what those numbers […]

Tips for couples who run together


I’m a runner. My husband is an Ironman triathlete. He comes from a cycling background, though, and running is actually his weakest sport. We do a lot of the same races and no matter what the distance – from a 5k to a half marathon – we always finish within a few seconds of each […]

Stink? How to get the smell out of your running clothes


I don’t know about you all, but with each run or other intense workout, my exercise clothing is completely drenched with stinky sweat. I’m not embarrassed by it (after all, sweat equals an efficient body cooling system, right?), but when I arrive at the gym in “clean” clothing and people can smell me from a […]

10 flat (and fast) marathons


I don’t know about you, but running 26.2 miles is hard for me. If I’m going to run a marathon, I don’t need any extra challenges thrown at me like hills, for instance. This is why I’ve set out to find the fastest marathons out there. If you want to set a PR, earn your […]

Pre-race sleep: does it matter?

Race day almost always means an early wake-up call. If you’re like me, you do the math and count 7-8 hours backwards from your wake-up time to determine your bedtime. Then you hop in bed at a ridiculously early hour of 8 p.m. only to toss and turn, toss and turn, toss and turn. Before […]