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Don’t skip your long run: tips + tricks

I love drafting training plans for upcoming races. I have a half marathon on the schedule for early October, and — though I’m a week late — I’m now getting starting with my 10 9 week plan. I have a pretty aggressive goal that I may or may not meet. Still, I will do my […]

Recipe: watermelon cucumber popsicles


A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for pickle popsicles. Although they are amazing, albeit weird in their own right, they are not the kind of treat I want to eat every day. I much prefer a sweet, fruit-based popsicle to a salty one. So, I got to thinking about new flavor combinations and […]

Yoga poses for runners: neck


For all its wonderful benefits sometimes running can literally be a pain in the neck. Long mileage or even short sprints can cause strain and muscle fatigue in the upper shoulder and neck area. Being mindful of your neck during runs can, of course, help alleviate some of the ache — but that’s if you […]

Fitness is a lifestyle


A story in this month’s Running Times featured this inspirational quote: Fitness doesn’t happen in a day. Nor in a week, month, or year. Fitness is a lifestyle. It happens the day you no longer seek it. It appears while you’re living it. Read the full article — Tao of Running — in the July […]

Marathon courses on WalkJogRun: August 2013


We’re back at our mission to map all the marathons in the world. (You read that right — ALL of the marathons in the world.) These are the marathons coming up in the first half of August; we’ll tackle the second half next week. Note that we’re just getting started so if we’re missing a […]

Running for a cause: one man’s inspiring story of recovery and giving back


John Nichols, 51, has raised more than $100,000 for the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois by running the Chicago Marathon every year since 2009 . “Sometimes in life we get the opportunity to choose our cause; most of the time, the cause chooses us,” said the Chicago-native. Twenty years ago, a water-skiing accident left Nichols paralyzed […]