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Yoga for runners: restorative yoga poses


Restorative yoga is a great complement to running. It allows the body time to relax, reset, and heal. With all the stressors training and life can put on the body, restorative yoga can provide a few moments of stillness in your otherwise crazy life. Although many restorative yoga classes use a lot of props, such as […]

5 fairly easy, somewhat healthy, definitely delicious fall breakfast ideas


Now that the mornings are cooler, I want to fill up with a nice, hearty breakfast after a run. And with new season upon us, I can’t get enough of fall flavors. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, pear. You name it, I want it. These fall breakfast ideas have my mouth watering: Pumpkin pie Greek yogurt: This […]

Recipe: pumpkin spice smoothie


Fall is upon us. We’re in that transitional time of year, should I wear running shorts or pants? Will it still be light enough when I get home or should I head out for a morning run instead? Soup or salad? Because the idea of soup is suddenly not so crazy. In celebration of this […]

What to do about missed training runs

what to do if you miss a training run

Say you’re training for a marathon and training has been going great to date. Your paces have been on point and your long runs don’t feel too long. Then it happens. You get sick — or extra busy with work or the kids. And before you know it, you’re missing a training run (or two […]

Coping and moving on when you can’t run


There’s going to come a time in most of our lives when we can’t run. Injury, illness, pregnancy, or other circumstances can sideline us for weeks or months. And when it happens, it can be really, really hard to deal with. However, take heart in knowing that you probably will run again – and maybe […]

The art of running hills


Hills. Does any runner like them? I know I don’t. But here’s the thing about where I live – hills are a necessary evil. I train on them, I race on them, and honestly when I travel somewhere flat, I miss them. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. Still, hill running confuses me. I […]

Hiking 101


There’s walking, jogging, and running. In autumn, I love to tack on another fun (and challenging) on-foot sport to this series: Hiking. Whether it’s at the local rail trail or up in the Adirondack High Peaks, off-roading it can refresh your senses, give you an excellent sweat, and become a life-long hobby. But if you’re […]

Running at altitude: part one

spring cleaning for runners

My husband and I left Boston at the end of August to start a new life in the Mile High City. I was training in Boston throughout the summer and feeling pretty good about not only the distance I’d been covering but also the speed at which I was going. I had just PR’d in […]

Run for a longer, healthier life


We each have our own reasons for running. Whether it’s just a hobby or a passion, running is a part of our lives. Still, I’m willing to bet most of you have some naysayers in your life. Coworkers who ask if you still run. Family members who don’t understand why you run for miles when […]

Question of the Week: which racing season do you prefer?


Do you prefer to train through the high heat and humidity of summer to race in the fall or do you prefer to run through bitter cold and dark mornings to be in peak condition for spring? Let us know the racing season you like best!