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How to find time to run


Between early toddler wake-up calls, sneaking in freelance work whenever I have free time, and feeling generally zapped from the daily grind, finding time for workouts is hard these days. For others, it might be spending long hours at a desk job or perhaps traveling frequently for work. And still for others, maybe there’s a […]

Braving the gym daycare


My daughter is almost two years old already. Someone pinch me! Would you believe that we only recently (as in the last month recently) started leaving her in gym child care? It isn’t for lack of trying, though. Between stages of my own beliefs that she was too young and others of intense separation anxiety, […]

Common female running problems: part two


In part one, we detailed some of the more common discomforts that affect women runners. In this part, we’ll talk about some of the more serious issues female runners deal with. Iron-deficiency anemia: If you feel especially tired, weak, dizzy, or cranky, you may be anemic. Iron-deficiency anemia occurs when you have low levels of […]

Don’t skip lunch: 7 ideas for easy, healthy lunches


When I wasn’t regulating my eating habits, I found if I didn’t skip breakfast on a certain day, lunch was the next to go. It wasn’t necessarily I wasn’t eating anything, but while sitting at my desk all day going to and from meetings, grazing made the most sense. The foods I chose to fill […]

10 simple, power-packed breakfasts


It should be simple. In order to keep energy up and stable, runners and walkers alike need to eat a balanced diet complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Thing is, creating balanced, healthy meals and making time to actually eat them is anything but easy. (Anyone else ever worked through lunch? Yeah. That’s what […]

The pros and cons of destination races

Berlin Marathon (wiki commons)

I’ll admit it; I’m a huge fan of destination races. It’s not that I like traveling per se, I’ll just find any excuse to run a flat race – the Charlotte, N.C. area is pretty hilly! I do plenty of short local races, but any time I want to race a half marathon or further, […]

The aftermath of Boston: how races are increasing security

Like most runners, I felt a lot of emotions on April 15. But fear wasn’t one of them. I knew I’d race again and so I did. I ran the Long Branch Half Marathon only a couple weeks after Boston. In the days leading up to the race, I received a lot of emails from […]

Front-of-the-pack: Running a sub-16 5K


I have experience running every distance from 400 meters to the marathon, but the 5K has always been my kryptonite. In my mind, I sadistically replay the pain of running my first mile too fast; the constant, building discomfort in my legs and chest; the voice inside that favors a road rash and sob story […]

How to get the smell out of your running sneakers


I’ve already covered how to get the stink out of your sweat-drenched workout clothing — so I hope you’re all smelling much better these days. However, in that article I sort of left out the pink elephant in the room: running shoes. I mean, seriously! In the past, my sneakers should have been condemned. They […]

Recipe: chickpea salad


A few months ago I wrote a post about vegan sources of protein. One of the sources on the list were beans, which are a huge favorite of mine. Beans are such versatile and hearty little things aren’t they? A cup of beans offers about 15 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber for […]