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Common female running problems: part one


Unfortunately, running isn’t always all fun and games. Sometimes discomforts and potentially dangerous health issues can pop up. Here are some of the most common running problems – and solutions – women runners deal with (check out our piece on common male running problems here). Problem: Chafing down there. Friction + sweat = chafing. Anywhere […]

App update: what’s new in the latest version of WalkJogRun


We’re excited to bring you the latest version of WalkJogRun, which has two NEW awesome features. WalkDOGRun An update specifically for our dog runners and walkers. When it comes to running or walking partners, few two-legged pals can beat the companionship and unbridled enthusiasm of a four-legged wingman. Be it 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., […]

The benefits of racing close to home


Something occurred to me after I ran my most recent race. And then again, it happened after my husband smashed his 5K PR (breaking 16 minutes!) — within walking distance of our house. Local races are where it’s at when it comes to satisfying my competitive spirit, but there are many other compelling reasons to […]

How giving blood affects your running


My husband and I drove by our local hospital last weekend, past a very long stretch of white and red signs calling for community members to donate blood. I’ve always considered giving blood to be such a generous gift to give to strangers, such a noble act — and yet I’ve never done it myself, […]

Coming back after a break: 7 tips to help you run again


I was 33 weeks pregnant and just finished a 4 mile run when something popped in my hip. I was lucky enough to run up until this point in my pregnancy, but I knew this would be my last run for a while. So, I took a break from running. A long one. For four […]

What it takes to win a marathon on the North Pole


Brutal yet spectacular. That’s how elite marathoner and the 2013 North Pole Marathon winner, Fiona Oakes, describes running a marathon on the polar ice caps in -22 degrees F (-30C). “It was not just a marathon,” the queen of extreme said. “It was an adventure of a lifetime.” Hear more from Oakes in the podcast above, […]

Recipe: banana breakfast bars


One of my biggest issues with getting up early to run is what to eat beforehand. I’m the sort of person who feels nauseous upon waking before I’m ready, so eating anything can be a struggle. If I skip a small breakfast, though, my run ultimately suffers — greatly. So, I developed a recipe for […]