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Training for back-to-back races (during the same weekend)


Race weekends are popping up all over. What’s special about these weekends is that each race is at a different time – giving runners the opportunity to race multiple events in one weekend. Some are even organized challenges, so runners earn an extra medal – and bragging rights – for completing all of the races. […]

My first run: Ashley Marcin


This is an installment of an on-going series called “My First Run”. You can read more here and submit your first run story here.  My first run was the Presidential Fitness Test mile time-trial in 4th grade gym class. I was 9 years old, and if I’m remembering correctly, I think we did 10 laps […]

5 quality 20-minute running workouts


Last week, we shared 20-minute walk/jog workouts. Today we’re talking about 20-minute runs. Here’s how to get the most out of your workout when you’re short on time.  Long intervals Warm up with a 3 minute jog. Then alternate between 3 minutes at your 5K or 10K pace with 30 seconds easy jogging. Repeat so […]

Yoga poses for runners: heart


As the cooler weather rolls in, many of us begin to find ourselves retreating inside, literally and figuratively. To protect against the cold, we draw our shoulders toward our ears, hunch forward, and cross our arms over our chest area. All of these are natural movements as we face colder weather but they leave us […]

But … it’s cold outside (and other winter running excuses)


Excuses, excuses, excuses. I have about a million of them on any given day. And one of the most interesting things is that they seem to change seasonally. The gorgeous foliage has peaked and all those leaves are almost entirely blown off the trees in my part of the world. The weatherman is even forecasting […]

The best thing running has done for you


We’ve all heard it before. A colleague, neighbor, friend, or family member hears you’re a runner and scoffs, “You run? Why would you do that to yourself?” My gut reaction is always to answer back, “well, why don’t you?” It’s nearly impossible to sum up everything I love about running in one or two sentences, […]

Vegetable spotlight: broccoli


Like most kids, when I was younger I absolutely hated broccoli along with most other vegetables. Funny that I’m now a vegetarian and can’t get enough of even the most exotic vegetables. Since I’m living in a relatively tight budget, I’ve learned out of necessity to identify the least expensive fruits and veggies at the […]

BOB revolution SE jogging stroller review: pros and cons


When I was pregnant with my first child, there was one thing I was sure of: I needed a jogging stroller. I took hunting for the perfect jogging stroller just as seriously as I did shopping for other baby necessities – like the crib and car seat. After comparing several different brands and models, we […]

7 ways to avoid overtraining and burnout

4 reasons long runs go bad

They say there’s a thin line between passion and obsession. And it can be easy for runners to cross that line – especially when training for a big race. It can be hard to trust training plans. So we look for ways to improve upon it. Maybe we push the pace a little harder on […]

The different types of long runs


Ah, the long run. The pivotal run of each week. The one we plan meals and weekends around. The run that, when it’s done, makes us feel like a million bucks. Years ago, when I was training for my first half marathon, I had one goal for my long runs: to finish them. I didn’t […]