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Chicago Marathon 2013 Photo Gallery

Start of the Chicago MarathonStart of the Chicago MarathonSnack PacksBananasLots of CarbsClose-up 2013 Chicago Marathon Medal
Chicago Marathon Medal2013 Chicago Marathon BannerSilence the BlerchGo Mom#1 DadDathan Ritzenhein warming up
Mike Morgan and Matt Dewald warming upDennis Kimetto warming upMatt TegenkampMatt Tegenkamp and Sammy KitwaraSammy Kitwara and Rita JeptooEhitu Kiros Reda
Rahm Emanuel Schmoozing with the elitesPre-race jittersAnd, they're off!And, they're off!Followed by the rest of the crowd2013 Chicago Marathon underway

Chicago Marathon 2013, a set on Flickr.

79 photos from the 2013 Chicago Marathon featuring winners, runners up, medals, food and lots of fun!

Thanks again to Rebecca E. Eden Photography for being there to capture the action for us.