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Fall: the perfect season for running


It may be the norm for people to start a fitness routine – or get back in to exercise – after the new year or right before bikini season starts. But now, during the fall, is actually the perfect time to get in shape, especially if your new workout regimen involves running.

Here’s why you should get out and run this time of year:

  1. The weather is comfortable. Finally, after months of uncomfortable heat and humidity, we get some relief come September and October. The crisp, cool air and moderate temperatures are ideal running weather – you won’t have to worry about the heat slowing you down nor will you have to fret about bundling up or slipping on ice. Many seasoned runners say fall is their favorite running season. Get out there and see why for yourself.
  2. The mornings are brighter. Come November 3, most people in the U.S. will set their clocks back an hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending. Yes, this means it will be dark when you get out of work which is depressing. But it also means that it’s daylight one hour earlier for a while. Making the a.m. hours the perfect time to run. Nothing will wake you up better than running on a brisk autumn morning – we promise!
  3. It’s flu season. October through April is flu season, and other illnesses often strike during the wintertime, too. It may seem counterintuitive to amp up the activity when germs are abound, but regular exercise helps boost the immune system. Not only does being fit make it less likely that you’ll get sick, but when runners do catch a bug they usually get over it more quickly than their sedentary counterparts. Starting an exercise routine now can help strengthen your immune system by the time winter viruses make their way through your office.
  4. It can help ward off holiday weight gain. Most American adults put on a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. One pound may not seem like a lot — especially when you feel like you’ve gained much more. But few of us ever lose that pound, and continue to add on another pound each holiday season. After a few years, this weight gain really adds up. Regular exercise can help combat that weight gain – and possibly even stop it from happening all together. Starting a fitness routine now is key. You’ll already be in the habit of running once the hectic holiday season rolls around, meaning you’ll be less likely to skip your workouts.
  5. It’s peak marathon time. There’s nothing like watching a marathon or other race to motivate you to get out there, too! Spectate or volunteer at a local race to get into the spirit. If you feel inspired, you’ll likely have enough time to train for a 5K turkey trot or jingle jog. Yes, you can be racing by the end of the year!

Runners, what’s your favorite part about running during the fall?

Written by Jen Matz.