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The best thing running has done for you


We’ve all heard it before. A colleague, neighbor, friend, or family member hears you’re a runner and scoffs, “You run? Why would you do that to yourself?”

My gut reaction is always to answer back, “well, why don’t you?”

It’s nearly impossible to sum up everything I love about running in one or two sentences, especially when I’m on the spot.

Running has done so much for me. It’s given me confidence in my body. It’s how I’ve met some lifelong friends. It helps me to clear my mind, keep things in perspective, and makes me a better mom. And it shows me that if I work hard, I can truly accomplish anything I want. Running is my outlet, my sanctuary, and my passion.

This hobby of ours is truly amazing. It gives us each so much – from a reason to get up in the morning to an excuse to indulge in brownies. The coolest thing about running is that we each get something different out of it.

We wanted to hear what running has done for you, so we asked the question on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some great responses we just had to share:

  • Annette F. says that running has made her believe in herself.
  • Paula P. credits running for making her a stronger person, giving her more confidence, and helping her believe she can accomplish anything.
  • Kate D. says that running has made her push herself more than she ever thought was possible.
  • Kim F. has found her passion through running.
  • Dawn E. says that it just makes her happy.
  • Bev F. says that running gives her mental stress relief.
  • Linda B. credits running with helping her to drop a dress size and 10lbs.
  • Joan Z. says that running helped her lose weight and feel better about herself.
  • Beatrice S. credits running with helping her to completely change her life around – she gained more confidence and a new career.
  • Edward E. lost 50lbs and is accomplishing things he never thought possible. He can now run 10 miles without keeling over. Congrats Edward!
  • Claire P. credits running with giving her confidence to walk home by herself. Years ago, Claire was randomly attacked but rescued by a stranger. Now she says if the same thing happens again, she’ll be able to run fast until she makes it to safety.
  • October R. says that “running completes me. Finding running has been like finding the last missing puzzle piece to my life. Everything looks clearer now with that piece in place.” Such a beautiful way to put it, October!
  • Nicola J. gets credit for giving the answer that made us all giggle. She says running gave her shin splints. Oh Nicola, we’ve all been there. Running isn’t always rainbows and roses.

Tell us, why do you keep running? What has the sport done for you?