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Gift guides for runners: women


It’s day two of our gift guide week and today we’re splitting it up between men and women. Check out our favorites for females below and hop on over here to see our picks for the male in your life.

  1. Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong ($12.88) A very powerful and moving book about the friendships that form among female runners. (P.S. more running books)
  2. “Run Like a Girl” Medal Holder ($65) A place to showcase all that kickass hardware.
  3. Women’s Bolt Jacket ($140) A favorite of running bloggers, this jacket is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable.
  4. Saucony Ponytail Skull Cap ($22) Keep those ears warm and that ponytail free.
  5. Yurbuds headphones ($29.99) Designed specifically for smaller, female ears.
  6. (UPDATED!) Arm warmers ($25) These wool arms are stretchy enough to go over a base layer, providing extra warmth.
  7. (UPDATED!) Everyday I’m Hustlin’ Sweatshirt ($23.24) Because obviously every runner needs this (female or male).
  8. The Girlfriends Marathon Print ($18) Pretty print of a group of friends running across the finish line.
  9. (UPDATED!) E-tip Run Glove ($30) A gold fingertip lets you use your touch screen without getting frost bite.

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