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Gift guides for runners: the hardcore


Do you know who is a complete and total badass? Does he or she hit the pavement in all sorts of crazy temps and conditions for an “easy” 10 miler. Yeah. This guides for them.

  1. YakTrax ($40) Helps your shoes grip to snow, sleet, and ice.
  2. Nathan 5K Runner’s Waist Pack ($23.12) Long runs require treats and this pouch is just the right size (and it’s reflective)
  3. Beat Bottle ($20) Yes, this is extremely random but this water bottle holds your phone and amplifies your tunes so it’s pretty badass.
  4. The Marathon Stick ($31.95) Perfect for the jet-setting marathoner, this stick let’s you roll out muscles on the go.
  5. The Powercap ($29.99) Sure, it’s a little nerdy but when it’s 5 a.m. and pitch black outside, this LED cap will be your runner’s best friend (after you of course).
  6. Trigger Point Performance ($69.99) When a plain ol’ foam roller is no longer cutting it, this ridged option brings it to a whole new (painful yet awesome) level.
  7. CamelBak Rim Runner ($74.99) Hydration is of the utmost importance and this backpack holds 100 oz of water.
  8. Marathon Running Inspirational John Bingham Quote ($15) Because bragging rights have been earned.
  9. North Face Neck Gaiter ($25) For those sub-zero mornings, being able to cover your mouth and nose is key.

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