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Gift guides for runners: the dog


We’ve focused a lot on the humans this past week but many of us have four-legged running companions who we adore to pieces and who help us hit the road — rain, sleet, or snow. Let’s give them some type of reward, too! I scoped out all the ridiculous and ingenious treats and gifts for dogs this season. Here are a few of the stand outs:

  1. UPDATED: All-weather dog parka ($98-$119 depending on size) Keep your dog warm and dry this winter with the all-weather dog parka.
  2. Bark Box (starting at $19/month) This is the gift that keeps giving all year long. You choose the size of your dog on the Bark Box website and every month they’ll send your dog a special box of treats picked out just for them. Each box contains 4-6 treats, toys and hygiene products that have been approved by the Bark Box dogs.  What’s even better, 10 percent of the proceeds go toward organizations such as rescues and city shelters that help dogs in need.
  3. Pet car seat ($40-$57) Our dog is 80lbs and still he tries to jam as much of his body between our two seats in the car. If you’re traveling this holiday and have a smaller dog, consider this dog car seat that sits between the seats. It pretty much cracks me up but it’d probably make your pup pretty happy on that long car ride. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar product for our big boy.
  4. Healthy dog treats (starting at $6.99) I love the idea of feeding my dog the healthiest treats I can find. Wet Noses is an organic dog treat company based outside Seattle. Their treats are 100 percent organic and contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy. They also come in flavors like peanut butter molasses and apple pie, which I suspect any dog would love. Right now they are also offering $5 flat shipping fees anywhere in the contiguous 48 as well.
  5. Tough dog toys ($9.95-$25) My in-laws’ dog is a gentle poodle that never chews a toy to shreds. Three Christmases ago they bought him a small stuffed snowflake, aptly named, Christmas. Christmas is still intact to this day. This is a very nice story and all but not one that’s applicable to my dog or a lot of the other dogs I know who destroy chew toys in a matter of minutes. So my last gift idea is actually a question to our readers, what tough dog toys have you found that actually work? We’ve tried Tuffy toys (they lasted about an hour).

Please leave any favorites in the comments below.

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