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Gift guides for runners: stocking stuffers


We’ve scoured the internet high and low to find the best presents for runners of all ages, and all week long we’ll be featuring these finds in our gift guides. Today, we’re focusing on stocking stuffers — all $20 or less — that are the perfect little something for your special runner. ‘Twas the Night […]

Running setbacks: dealing with injury, pregnancy, busy schedules, and more


It was last Thanksgiving, and I had just run an 8K turkey trot in 34:55 – crushing my PR by over a minute. My son’s first birthday was the next day. I saw the turkey trot as the perfect end to a great year of postpartum racing. I told my husband later that day that […]

Winter marathons (and half marathons) in warm places


For me, winter is the hardest time of year to stick with running. I can only run in the mornings … when it’s dark, cold, and windy – making it very difficult to get out of bed. The best way for me to stay motivated is to sign up for a winter race. Not just […]

All about Kettlebells


Overwhelmed by all the gym options? You’re not alone. Our new series will help you understand what all those random things are — and how to use them.  Whenever I venture into the weights part of the gym, I get rather intimidated. There are usually a bunch of guys and a few buff gals with […]

Make winter your fittest season yet


It’s happened: the first snowfall of the season. Yesterday my outdoor thermometer didn’t rise into 30 degree territory. It now starts getting dark before 5 p.m. The holiday decorations are up, the ovens are preheated for baking cookies, and people all around me have gone into hibernation-mode. I don’t necessarily mind outdoor running this time […]

Foam rolling exercises


Along with running and weekly yoga, the only other training activity I do with any consistency is foam rolling. It is hands down one of the easiest and efficient tools for any runner. A few months ago, we talked about foam rolling basics. Today, let’s dive deeper into why foam rolling is beneficial and then […]

Running in the snow, sleet, and ice


So, we’ve covered running in the dark, the best temperatures for running, and jogging in the wind. We’ve even looked at some common winter running excuses and how to blast them. But what combines the vast majority of these situations? Winter storms. They’re on the horizon, and running through the snow, sleet, and ice can […]

Thanksgiving dinner by the calories and miles


I start each Thanksgiving with an 8K turkey trot. At Thanksgiving dinner, my family members always comment I can eat however much I want of the delicious feast because I already ran that day. Well, that’s not exactly true. According to this calories burned calculator, I’ll only burn about 520 calories – close to the number […]

Exercise today to prevent depression tomorrow (study)


We all know that a good run has the power to turn a frown upside down. But this side effect of running can literally save some runners’ lives. Study after study has shown that exercise helps to treat clinical depression – and promising new research shows it may prevent it, too. Depression: 101 About one […]

Yoga for runners: hips


It wasn’t until I was going through all the Yoga for Runners posts that I realized there is one glaring omission — hips! Hips are often the tightest spot on runners and one of the areas runners complain about most. It’s crazy that I haven’t offered up some poses to alleviate tension and tightness in […]