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Holiday cocktails (and mocktails) by the calories and miles

holiday-cocktails-by-milesIt’s not just filling meals and delectable treats you need to worry about during the holiday season. Seasonal beverages tend to be loaded with fat, sugar, and calories, too. And we’re not just talking about the alcoholic variety — those peppermint mochas can add up and take a toll on your waistline.

Use these charts to figure out about how many miles you’ll need to run to burn off each glass of festive cheer you drink this holiday season:

Eggnog 8 oz. 391 3.3
Hot buttered rum 16 oz. 418 3.5
White Russian 16 oz. 355 3
Chocolate liqueur 3 oz. on the rocks 310 2.6
Mudslide 8 oz. 590 4.9
Champagne 5 oz. 122 1.0
Champagne punch 8 oz. 146 1.2
Peppermint mojito 6 oz. 180 1.5
Martini 3 oz. 196 1.6
Spiced cider with rum 8 oz. 150 1.3
White wine 5 oz. 121 1.0
Red wine 5 oz. 125 1.0


Eggnog 8 oz. 343 2.9
Hot cocoa 12 oz. 320 2.7
Peppermint mocha 16 oz. 470 3.9
Pumpkin spice latte 16 oz. 410 3.4
Holiday punch 8 oz. 234 2
Spiced apple cider 8 oz. 117 1
Sparkling grape juice 8 oz. 152 1.3
Peppermint chocolate chip milkshake 14 oz. 660 5.5
Eggnog milkshake 12 oz. 540 4.5


Tossing back a few holiday drinks isn’t going to lead to lasting weight gain, plus it’s more than OK to indulge a little — especially since these treats are only available once per year. But if you have a gingerbread latte every morning and a mug of eggnog every night, plus a few hot buttered rums, glasses of champagne, and swigs of spiced cider at each holiday partie, these drinks will add up in the form of unwanted pounds fast.

*Calories based on a 160 lb. person running an average pace of 10:00 minute miles (which equals about 120 calories burned per mile). If you weigh less or run slower, you’ll need to run a longer distance to burn off the calories. If you weight more or run faster, you can run fewer miles to run off the drinks.

Written by Jen Matz.