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Winter racing: tips + tricks


A lot of runners put racing on hold after the fall marathon season as the temperatures plunge and the weather gets frightful. On the other hand, there are a handful of fun events throughout the holiday season and beyond — including winter marathons — to keep those legs moving fast. Racing this time of year […]

Motivational Monday: Goals


Don’t let the bad weather stop you. Pick a race, set a goal, and go for it. The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline. –  Stephen Smith, Fox Sports Radio More motivational quotes.

How to work out inside and without a gym membership or treadmill


Being a runner is a great thing. We don’t need a pricey gym membership and fancy workout equipment to get in a good sweat. We just need a good pair of running shoes and the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this time of year, the great outdoors can be really unpleasant. The ground can be covered in […]

Study: walkers, pick up the pace for better health


Most of our content tends to be running-heavy, but here at WalkJogRun we’re big fans of walking, too. After all, it’s the most basic and accessible form of exercise. To boot, two key studies released earlier this year found that, when you cover the same number of miles per week, running and walking are equally […]

Yoga poses for runners: groin (inside thigh)


Last week a reader and fellow runner requested some poses for the insides of the thighs. This area can be rather finicky and prone to tightness. If you’ve ever pulled your groin you also know that it can take forever to heal. Best to take care of it while you’re healthy with these poses and […]

Stay merry: how to manage holiday stress


The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy. But for many of us, the holidays also come with a side of stress. The American Psychological Association says 3 in 4 Americans experience unhealthy levels of stress during the holidays. From affording gifts to cooking the perfect holiday meal to dealing with crazy family […]

Music Monday: a Merry Christmas run playlist


I don’t normally run with music. However, when the bulk of my runs end up being completed in darkness and frigid temperatures — or even on the, GASP!, treadmill — I find I need the extra motivation. This time of year, I even like to inject the Christmas spirit into my workouts by listening to […]

All about the Jacobs Ladder


Overwhelmed by all the gym options? You’re not alone. Our new series will help you understand what all those random things are — and how to use them. A few years ago, my husband Stephen and I were all signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon. I planned to hit a 3:45, smashing my previous […]

Holiday cocktails (and mocktails) by the calories and miles


It’s not just filling meals and delectable treats you need to worry about during the holiday season. Seasonal beverages tend to be loaded with fat, sugar, and calories, too. And we’re not just talking about the alcoholic variety — those peppermint mochas can add up and take a toll on your waistline. Use these charts […]

Make fitness a family affair during the holidays


Sleigh bells ring over the river and through the wood as we deck the halls this holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, these next several weeks are a time to spend with family and friends. However, just as we pass the gravy, cut into the Christmas bird, and pop the cork on our 2016 […]