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Winter marathons + half marathons in cold places (plus indoor marathons)


A couple of weeks ago we shared some winter half and full marathons in warm places. But we know some of you are pretty tough and welcome running 13.1 or 26.2 miles when there’s snow on the ground. Unfortunately, there aren’t many halves and fulls held in the wintertime in cold areas of the United […]

Healthy holiday snacks and appetizers


As we head into the holiday season we tend to lose sight of how we eat the rest of the year. Food we would never cross our lips January through the middle of November is suddenly fair game and then we’re kicking ourselves come New Years. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You […]

Winter walking: how to spice up your walks in the cold


I think we can all agree that there’s walking — and then there’s walking. Thing is, even the most disciplined of us can get lax or feel uninspired after a while, especially when the winter season descends upon our usual paths. If you’re looking to take your activity to the next level this season, there […]

All about the elliptical


Overwhelmed by all the gym options? You’re not alone. Our new series will help you understand what all those random things are — and how to use them. I’m sure many of us have hopped on that other popular cardio machine interspersed in with all the treadmills. The elliptical, whether used during injury or just […]

Gift guides for runners: fitness enthusiasts


It’s our runners’ gift guide week, but don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you other fitness enthusiasts. These gifts are perfect for the walker, yogi, or gym rat in your life: SilverSport Silver Towel, 20 x 30 ($20.50). Made of super soft bamboo, the towel releases silver ions when it gets wet, which kills odor-causing […]

Gift guides for runners: ideas for moms and dads


All parents run after their kids. It’s a universal fact. But some of us choose to keep running even when we get down time. Sounds crazy, right? Well, running is such a great stress release, there are days when — at least for me — it’s absolutely necessary to get that jog in so I […]

Gift guides for runners: the dog


We’ve focused a lot on the humans this past week but many of us have four-legged running companions who we adore to pieces and who help us hit the road — rain, sleet, or snow. Let’s give them some type of reward, too! I scoped out all the ridiculous and ingenious treats and gifts for […]

Gift guides for runners: the hardcore


Do you know who is a complete and total badass? Does he or she hit the pavement in all sorts of crazy temps and conditions for an “easy” 10 miler. Yeah. This guides for them. YakTrax ($40) Helps your shoes grip to snow, sleet, and ice. Nathan 5K Runner’s Waist Pack ($23.12) Long runs require […]

Gift guides for runners: the beginner


If there’s someone on your list who’s resolved to become a runner in 2014, we’ve got you covered. Get your favorite runner-to-be started off on the right foot with these must-haves: The Ultimate Beginner’s Running Guide: The Key to Running Inspired ($13.49 paperback, $4.99 for Kindle). Tips on proper form, shoes, nutrition, training, and motivation. […]

Out cold: what to wear running in cold weather


There are lots of tips and tricks to make running in winter not so terribly frightful. From understanding how to run on slick surfaces to seeing better in the dark to recovering after illness and overcoming all sorts of other excuses. But if you’re still finding yourself giving this season the cold shoulder, look at what […]