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Music Monday: Motivational (yet cheesy) running music

This past weekend we asked our followers for motivational running music suggestions, and we encouraged them to include some cheesy options into the mix. You know, the songs you secretly love and blast full volume before or during a run but might not necessarily admit to liking. Those songs. Your suggestions — both the cheesy […]

Go beyond your comfort zone

A little weekend motivation to help you push through your long run or speed session. “You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone.” – Percy Cerutty – Photo: Steve Garner

Avoiding and treating an ACL injury

An ACL tear is a knee injury many athletes fear, one that sidelines you for several months. In this post, Dr. Nace provides tips on how to recover from an ACL injury — and how to prevent one in the first place. An injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a well-known injury to […]

Stay Injury Free Throughout the Year

You may have seen our infographic last week explaining how 75% of runners who skip February won’t run again this year. We received a lot of feedback and questions about injuries as follow-up so we thought we’d get Dr. Nace to put together a blog post about staying injury free so your running season continues […]

75% of Runners who Skip February won't run again this year.

4,000 runners started January 2013 running. 75% of runners who skip February won't run again this year. Don't be that statistic. We'll show you how you can reboot your New Years Resolution and be part of the 38% of January runners who'll make it through February. Based on last year's training data if you make […]