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How to fit in exercise when you have young kids


There’s something about having young children that makes everything seem more difficult – including finding time to run. Maybe it’s because infants and toddlers are so unpredictable or maybe it’s the sheer exhaustion of caring for them, but I know I’m not the only parent facing this challenge. These tips have helped me carve out […]

Recipe: gluten-free banana bread


Are we done with New Year’s resolutions? I find the yoga classes I attend have begun to thin out and the gym is getting back to its normal weeknight traffic. But what about your food resolutions? Are you still trudging along with “eating healthy”? If so, you’re in luck, this banana bread is healthy and […]

Treadmill etiquette


We’ve already covered (outdoor) running and racing etiquette, but there’s one area of running etiquette we missed – the treadmill. Specifically, the treadmill in a gym setting. If you have your own treadmill at home, you set the rules there! Rule 1: What’s acceptable outdoors isn’t necessarily OK indoors. A few things we get away […]

Help for IT Band pain

it band pain

One of the most common runner injury complaints has to do with the IT band. Whether pain presents first in the knee or hip — or somewhere in between — the injury can take time to manage and heal. If you are experiencing severe, pointed pain, the inflammation has likely become acute. Time off your […]

Avid running/Running-USA.com/Running Addicts stealing content

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.41.20 AM

We pride ourselves on original content and work hard to bring you unique posts daily. That’s why it saddened and angered us to find Avid Running, Running-USA.com, and Running Addicts stealing our content — with no mention of WalkJogRun and no links back (they even removed all the hyperlinks). Their blog content automatically aggregates to […]

Six simple ways to stay injury-free


A runner’s worst enemy isn’t the weather, a solo long run, the ruthless competition, or even a missed PR. The one thing that every runner fears is being sidelined from running due to an injury. Yes, the dreaded “i” word. No one wants to be injured, but few of us do everything in our power […]

Show us your #winterrungear pics!


Winter running outfits can make you look like a ninja and make you feel like the kid from The Christmas Story. That said, it’s quite hardcore to hit the streets in sub-zero temps and blizzard conditions so let’s show it off. Take a winter running selfie and tag it #winterrungear on Instagram or Twitter! We’ll […]

Veggie spotlight: cauliflower


I’m relatively new to the cauliflower craze. It seems to go along with the ever-prolific Paleo diet, which I don’t know much about otherwise. Whether part of a craze or not, it’s a great substitute for potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza crust, and even as a dish on its own. My favorite way to eat cauliflower? […]

Running with dogs: winter edition


As we settle into the long, seemingly never-ending middle of winter, many of us are getting antsy to take an outdoor run. And I’m pretty sure this “some of us” includes our four-legged friends. But with extreme temps and rough roads, the winter weather can be tough on our pups.  Here are a few ways […]

Training with a running coach


When I left off, I was looking up training plans and trying to figure out what method might work best for my big half marathon PR goal. As luck would have it, I got an email that very day from our local running shop about a 16 week training program offered by a local coach. […]