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20 ways to trim 100 calories


If you’re trying to lose weight, welcome to the club. The formula for losing weight is simple: calories in must be less than calories out. But in practice, losing weight – and maintaining weight loss – is rarely as easy.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Let’s look closer at the calories in vs. calories out rule. This means for weight loss to happen, the calories you take in through food and beverages have to be less than the calories you burn through exercise and daily tasks.

On average, 3500 calories equals one pound. If your goal is to lose one pound per week, you need to cut 500 calories per day from your diet. Or you can reach the 500 calorie mark through a combination of diet and exercise. If you cut 250 calories from your eats and burn an extra 250 calories during a workout, you’ll create a 500 calorie deficit each day.

Still, putting the weight loss formula into practice isn’t exactly easy. So, start small. Shave 100 calories from your diet each day, and if you keep it up, you’ll be about 10 lbs. lighter by this time next year.

Try these 20 ways to cut 100 calories from your diet each day:

  1. Use skim milk in your coffee rather than cream and sugar.
  2. Pass on the fancy coffee beverages and order a tall, nonfat latte instead.
  3. Skip the bagel and have an English muffin for breakfast. If you can’t resist the bagel – and let’s face it, what runner can? – only eat half.
  4. Fry meat and veggies in cooking spray or broth instead of butter or oil.
  5. Limit portions of meat, tofu, and other proteins to 3- 4 ounces (about the size of a deck of cards or your palm).
  6. Order thin crust pizza over the thick crust variety.
  7. Add veggies to your pizza instead of meat.
  8. Eat an orange or apple rather than drinking a glass of orange or apple juice.
  9. Enjoy a small baked potato instead of French fries.
  10. Eat sandwiches and burgers “open-faced” and save a slice of bread.
  11. Top sandwiches with flavorful veggies and hold the cheese.
  12. Dip raw veggies, not tortilla chips, into hummus or salsa.
  13. When dining out, leave the bread and rolls in the bread basket.
  14. Top pasta dishes with marinara sauce rather than Alfredo sauce.
  15. Skip the meatballs and add navy beans to your pasta dishes. Do the same with ground beef and black beans when making tacos.
  16. When baking or cooking, use plain, reduced-fat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.
  17. Don’t top salads with croutons. If you crave crunch, add peppers and a small serving of sunflower seeds.
  18. Share a dessert with a friend or two instead of having your own serving.
  19. Savor a fun-sized candy bar instead of eating a regular-sized one.
  20. Limit yourself to one glass of wine or beer and then switch to water.

Do you use any tricks to shave calories from your daily diet? I used to be a huge fan of sweetened coffee creamer, but I made the switch to milk a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

Written by Jen Matz.

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