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Veggie spotlight: cauliflower

vegetable-spotlight-cauliflowerI’m relatively new to the cauliflower craze. It seems to go along with the ever-prolific Paleo diet, which I don’t know much about otherwise. Whether part of a craze or not, it’s a great substitute for potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza crust, and even as a dish on its own.

My favorite way to eat cauliflower? Roasted at 400 degrees F with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Now, I was always taught to eat my colors, so consuming lots of white doesn’t exactly jibe with this school of thought. If you, too, have resisted based on this teaching alone, let’s revisit the topic. Cauliflower is particularly rich in vitamin C, but packs healthy doses of vitamins K, B6 — as well as folate, choline, and omega-3s — all while being low in calories (a cooked cup contains just 29!). (Source)

Here are 20 delicious recipes that will get you jumping on the cauliflower bandwagon!

If you read through these recipes carefully, you’ll see how creative both professional and home cooks have become with this particular cruciferous vegetable. And for good reason! A lot of the substitutions are for foods (white flour crust, for example) that add excess calories without much nutrition to our daily intake. So, diet-conscious runners might consider a few swaps here or there and see their shorts size go down before too long.

What’s your favorite way to eat cauliflower?