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What to look for in a gym membership


For years, I didn’t belong to a gym – and I’m sure many other runners scoff at the idea of joining a health club, too. Now that I’ve been to the other side, I love my Y membership Deciding whether or not to join a gym is a tough call, though. Many memberships are pricey […]

Quenching green juice for juicing newbies


My husband and I did perhaps the most stereotypical thing you can do on the first of the new year. We got in the car, headed to our local kitchen store, and purchased a shiny new juicer. Prior to this momentous event, I had occasionally picked up store-bought juices (not your basic OJ, mind you, […]

Runner of the week: meet Nico Stanford


Where are you located? London, Edgware Road so most runs go through Hyde Park at some point. Tell us about yourself I work at The Telegraph newspaper. I head up sales on the travel side of anything to do with skiing and snowboarding. So that’s sponsorship, space at the the Ski Shows or advertising for […]

Run Chicago, Marine Corps, or New York City in 2014


If you want to run one of the big three fall marathons in 2014 – Chicago, Marine Corps, or New York – you may need a little bit of luck. For the first time, the Chicago and Marine Corps marathons are using a lottery system instead a “first come, first served” registration. The New York […]

Study: warm up more intensely to run faster


How many of you do a warm-up before each run? I only do when I’m doing speedwork. I run one easy mile before a tempo run or 800m- or 1-mile repeats. But a new study says by doing an “easy” warm-up — or skipping it all together — I’m not doing myself any favors. What the […]

20 ways to trim 100 calories


If you’re trying to lose weight, welcome to the club. The formula for losing weight is simple: calories in must be less than calories out. But in practice, losing weight – and maintaining weight loss – is rarely as easy. Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Let’s look closer at the calories in […]

6 areas runners neglect


Running is one of the best things we can do for our health and wellness. However, if we don’t watch it, the sport can take over our lives and negatively impact our health — physically and emotionally. Thing is, we might not even realize it when we’re in the trenches of, say, a demanding marathon […]

Tips for running in the rain


When it’s raining any harder than a drizzle outside, that’s usually my cue to hit the treadmill. Still, if you run races, it’s a good idea to run in the rain from time to time. You never know what race day weather will bring, so it’s important to practice in every condition. Running in a […]

Review: Trail mix


I’m a bonafide trail mix junkie. After a workout, on an airplane, sitting in front of my computer, I love everything about trail mix. Scratch that, everything except the almonds. So lucky me when I was offered the chance to eat myself silly with trail mix in order to bring you a few reviews. Not […]

Today is a good day to run.


Because it’s Wednesday. And that’s really the only reason you need. Go. Run.