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5 lessons from physical therapy

A few years ago, I battled a nasty case of IT-band syndrome after a particularly frustrating marathon training season. The irritation in my knee ran up along the side of my leg to my hip and kept me from running for several months. After a while, I grew hopeless and didn’t think I’d enjoy a […]

13 reasons you should run a half marathon instead of a full


Running is a hot item on those resolutions lists. A common goal? To run a marathon in 2014. It’s certainly shooting high and thinking big. I think all runners can have fun training and running this quintessential distance event. However, a lot of new (and old) runners skip over an important milestone in their journey […]

Running during pregnancy: the second trimester


I shared my first trimester running experience with you and since then, things have moved right along. I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and still running well. I know I’m extremely lucky to be in this position – not every woman is able to run this far along whether it’s due to health complications or discomfort. […]

Vegetable spotlight: kale


When I was growing up, we didn’t eat many exotic vegetables. And the term exotic was certainly a relative one which encompassed even basic staples I’ve grown to love, like kale. I don’t go a single week without dropping a bag or bunch of kale into our grocery cart. My favorite variety is dinosaur (or […]

Planning a 1:40 half marathon finish


You may have noticed in our team’s New Years resolutions list that I’m gunning for as close to a 1:40:00 half marathon finish as I can get this spring. What I didn’t know when I wrote up this item is that I need to start training, well, in about a month if I want to […]

Demystifying the Gym: BOSU Ball


Have you ever seen a fellow exerciser balancing on a half-inflated blue ball? Well, if you’re lucky, near the weights and mats in your local gym, you’ll find several BOSU Balance Trainers (otherwise known as BOSU balls). If you still don’t think you know what I’m talking about, think hard for a minute — they’re […]

Study: Want to eat better and lose weight? Find new friends

Many of us have resolved to eat healthier and lose weight this year. But, according to a new study, revamping your diet doesn’t need to include reading nutrition facts labels, shopping at farmers’ markets, or cooking more meals at home. Rather, the secret to nutritious eating may come down to who you eat with. The […]

Workouts guaranteed to warm you up


Most of the U.S. experienced the “polar vortex” earlier this week – an arctic chill that blasted record low temperatures and wind chills across the nation. I hope if you were affected by this weather that you worked out indoors or took an unplanned rest day because running in extreme cold can be risky. Still, […]

Can swimming make you a better runner?

Following a training plan, doing speedwork, and racing regularly are actions runners can take to get better. But there’s another activity that can increase your endurance and strength and aid in preventing injuries. What’s this mystery form of exercise? Swimming. I know — I’m betting that those of you who aren’t triathletes are rolling your […]

Walking the distance: marathons and half marathons for walkers


If you’re a walker, you may have considered signing up for local a 5K or 10K to keep your motivation going. But did you know that many more walkers are choosing to take part in longer distance events? It’s true! In a recent poll, “70 percent of walkers surveyed stated a desire to train for […]