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Does running make your face sag?


We here at WalkJogRun were somewhat shocked to read in a recent Marie Claire article that we should reconsider running. Why exactly? Well, it seems — at least according to certain doctors — running makes us look much older than we actually are. Yes. You read that right! According to the article and Julius Few, owner […]

Use age grading to measure your running performance and progress


If your childhood was anything like mine, you grew up with distaste for red ink. You cringed when you saw red notes, symbols, and numbers etched into your finely crafted work. Thanks to our school teachers and their red pens—precariously dangled above the page like a surgeon’s scalpel—many of us shy away from advice. What […]

Running with traction: snow tires for sneakers


This time of year, the sidewalks can be quite treacherous. And I’m not just talking about the snow because that’s a given. The sun is warmer in these late winter months, which means the roads thaw during the day. But the nights are still frigid so everything freezes over again, making night and morning runs […]

Balance weight loss and training

Tips for losing weight while training

I have put on a solid seven pounds over this winter season. An extra layer to “keep me warm” as I like to joke. But, honestly — I’d be lying if I told you all it doesn’t bother me. I have a closet full of clothes — including some running shorts — that aren’t fitting […]

Study: Think twice before you take Vitamins C and E

vitamins C and E in supplement form may reduce runners’ fitness gains from workouts

Experts have long said it’s best to meet your nutritional needs through diet alone. Still, the supplement market is hot. Many of us turn to supplements thinking they’ll help our health. But more research keeps coming out that says some supplements don’t have any value. And, worse, some research has found that certain supplements interfere […]

Vegetable spotlight: Brussels sprouts


We’ve been conditioned to think of certain vegetables as the ultimate in yucky foods. Whenever an example of some “gross” vegetable is brought up in a cartoon, movie, or even in a book, the poor Brussels sprouts almost always get the bad reputation. Well, runners, joggers, and walkers, no more! It’s time to give these […]

The power of the breath: how to relax before a race

how to relax before a race: breathing tecniques

As we all know, the breath is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to running. We’ve all been there, at the starting line, nervous, agitated, and unable to relax. Sometimes it can take a couple of miles to calm down and find your rhythm. However, there are tools that can help regulate the breath […]

How fit are you? Take these military-inspired fitness tests


The days and weeks immediately following a big goal race are always a bit of a letdown. While you’re busy trying to figure out what to do next, take some time to have a little fun. You’re already in peak condition, so why challenge yourself with some military-inspired fitness tests? (Or if you’re not at […]

Salvaging your winter training for spring goals

salvaging your winter running

My training officially started last week for my spring half marathon — as of today, I have only 11 weeks to go! Unfortunately, the last two weeks have buried our area in snow and sleet, so getting in actual timed workouts without a treadmill has been difficult. No, nearly impossible. Instead, I’ve been focusing on […]

All-natural moisturizer for runners


It’s been a cold week for most of the country, scratch that, a cold couple months. I went out for my first sub zero run in Colorado this week. I must have looked like quite the sight, bundled up from head to toe, except for my face, which I proceeded to shield from the blowing […]