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Coffee drinks by calories and miles

How many miles you'll have to run to burn off your favorite coffee drinkDuring the holidays, we shared two charts (here and here) that showed how much running you’d have to do to burn off all that feasting. The holidays may be behind us, but thanks to the ever-constant cold weather, indulging in carbs and sugar isn’t. One of the most common high calorie culprits? Coffee drinks.

Many of us indulge in coffee from time to time, and there is even evidence caffeine before a run might be beneficial. But we should be aware of how that seemingly harmless morning ritual can be tacking on more calories than you think.

I mixed and matched the sizes from some of the most popular coffee shops to give a range. All drinks assume 2 percent milk was used, except for the Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta ® which is often made cream. Yes, cream, the calories were so unbelievable that I had to share.

Drink Serving (oz)* Calories Miles**
Drip Coffee (no milk) 20 10 0.08
Iced Coffee 16 90 0.75
Cappuccino 20 160 1.33
Latte 16 230 1.91
Chai Tea 16 240 2
Iced Mocha 20 320 2.66
White Chocolate Mocha 16 400 3.33
Mint Hot Chocolate 20 420 3.5
Carmel Latte 20 440 3.66
Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino ® Blended 16 500 4.16
Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta ® 20 1050 8.75


*A medium or grande coffee is 16 oz. A large or venti coffee is 20 oz. 

**Miles you need to run to burn off the food. Calories based on a 160 lb. person running an average pace of 10:00 minute miles (which equals about 120 calories burned per mile). If you weigh less or run slower, you’ll need to run a longer distance to burn off the calories. If you weight more or run faster, you can run fewer miles to run off the dishes. 

Written by Lisa Chase | Photo by Bianca Strzelczyk