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Running during pregnancy: the third trimester


I feel like I just shared my second trimester running experience with you – I guess it was only 5 weeks ago! Still, I feel the need to tell you all about my third trimester running experience now – at 30 weeks pregnant – while I’m still able to run. At 30 weeks, I’m feeling […]

Recipe: healthier chocolate chip cookies for post-run indulgence


I love to indulge in sweets (and most foods, actually), but I feel like as I get older, my waistline isn’t keeping its fittest form with all the junk anymore. Thing is, a long run — even a really, really long run — isn’t a great excuse to polish off a dozen homemade chocolate chip […]

Coffee drinks by calories and miles


During the holidays, we shared two charts (here and here) that showed how much running you’d have to do to burn off all that feasting. The holidays may be behind us, but thanks to the ever-constant cold weather, indulging in carbs and sugar isn’t. One of the most common high calorie culprits? Coffee drinks. Many […]

Races where you’re guaranteed a PR


I’m pretty sure all runners have one thing in common: we love to PR! Setting personal bests usually takes dedicated training, persistence, and usually a little luck (like good weather on race day, for instance). But what if we told you there are certain races where you can set a PR just for finishing? Yup, […]

4 benefits of sticking with outdoor winter running


For those of us in the colder, snowier climates, this season has packed quite a punch. And even some areas often spared this sort of weather-madness have not been immune. (If you haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with winter running, you can emulate it to get a taste — here’s how!) Even I finally […]

Running helps athletes excel in these winter Olympic sports


Who is watching the winter Olympics? I always find the games so inspiring. As a runner who regularly trains for and runs distance events, I enjoy hearing about the grueling training regimens of Olympic athletes. Their regular work day puts my proudest marathon training days to shame. But it turns out that recreational runners and […]

Common treadmill mistakes


First we brought you treadmill etiquette and while that was more tongue-in-cheek, today we’re focusing on treadmill mistakes. These treadmill errors can lead to more than just training setbacks – some mishaps can leave you injured. Don’t make these common treadmill mistakes: Doing all of your runs on the treadmill. It’s best for injury prevention […]

Why cadence matters (and what it is exactly)

You can't do it all in training - and that's OK!

Spectating at a race, you can see runners of all ages, speeds, and sizes. Leading the pack, you often see runners who glide across the pavement, gazelle-like runners who “makes it look easy.” It’s easy to think great runners are born — in some cases, this is true, but our ability to run is inherent; […]

5 considerations for walking shoes


For walkers, choosing a good pair of walking shoes is just as important as runners choosing a solid pair of running shoes. Both have the power to help prevent blisters and other foot issue like calluses, along with providing a supportive, shock-absorbing fit. However, running and walking shoes certainly have some unique considerations, since the […]

Races with the best medals


We each have our own reason for running and racing. For some of us, it’s all about the reward at the finish line — specifically, the bling! Race medals have gotten increasingly fancy over the years. What once was just a fun keepsake has now gained lot of attention. Some runners want to do races […]