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All about cross-country skiing for runners

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Are you in the athletic spirit with the winter Olympics in full swing? We sure are. So, let’s keep our thoughts on cold-weather sports! Along with snowshoe running and even snowshoe racing, another winter sport that is excellent cross-training for runners is cross-country skiing. In fact, if you don’t have a gym membership this snow […]

How to (really) prevent and treat a cold


The common cold. It’s a virus we’re all familiar with – the average adult catches two to four colds per year (children suffer from six to eight). While their symptoms are bothersome, cold viruses are usually harmless to healthy adults. Well, unless you’re a runner and congestion, a sore throat, and a cough strike in […]

10K race report: an undeserved PR


Back in October, I wrote all about how I was planning to train for a fast 10K race. My goal time, though I didn’t explicitly state it, was to cross the finish in around 46:30. My goal race was to be one in a local Freeze series that took place each weekend in January. Plans […]

Running downhill: why you should practice


I spend a lot of time in my training focusing on hills. I live in a relatively rolling area with some impressively steep inclines on my regular running routes. As I chase my half marathon PR dreams this spring, I’ll be spending more time doing hill repeats and all sorts of other hill exercises to […]

The benefits of taking walk breaks in races


I’ve run more than 50 races. Save for a handful of 5Ks, I’ve done something similar in every race: I’ve taken walk breaks. I know many runners see walk breaks as a sign of weakness, and something a “real” runner would never do. I’m not a fast runner by any means, but I’ve shaved 20 […]

All about the pool


For those of us who’d rather plod along on land, setting foot into the pool locker room can be quite unnerving. I, myself, am not a terribly good swimmer, though I have learned ways to use this awesome resource to my advantage over the years. You don’t need to swim to get a great workout […]

“Not another green juice” juice


Last month, Ashley shared a recipe for green juice. I, too, am a big fan of juicing. A couple times a week I start my day with a juice prior to pumping my body full of caffeine. From time to time I can even forgo my morning latte if I’ve had a juice (sometimes). Juicing, […]