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Winter sport calorie counts

winter sports calorie count

I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder about being a runner. I mean, until recently, I was convinced that running was the supreme sport with all others beneath. I thought running was the most efficient way to burn calories and stay fit. Thing is, this winter has kicked my butt. And as I learned while writing my latest article about cross-country skiing, there are certainly other sports that compare to running in many ways.

My miles have surely been hit or miss due to conditions beyond my control. I’ve been groaning on and on about how my training has been impacted and — slowly — more cross-training has crept into my fitness schedule. I’ve had no other choice but to jump in and take that ride . . . in the snow.

The 2014 Olympics, too, got me thinking about winter sports and how they stack up compared to our beloved running. Obviously competing at a high level (the highest, right?!), those athletes are torching some major calories and getting all the aerobic and anaerobic benefits to boot.

For the rest of us, a single hour of the follow activities burns this many calories for the average 150 pound person. For comparison, running 9 minute miles, that same person would burn 748 calories.

  • Cross-Country Skiing: 642.97 calories
  • Cross-Country Ski (Racing): 953 Calories
  • Curling: 272 calories
  • Downhill Skiing: 408 calories
  • Downhill Skiing (Vigorous): 544 calories
  • Ice Hockey: 544 calories
  • Ice Skating: 500.09 calories
  • Shoveling Snow: 422 calories
  • Ski Jumping: 476 calories
  • Sledding, Tobogganing, Luge, Bobsledding: 476 calories
  • Snowboarding: 422 calories
  • Snowshoeing: 544 calories
  • Speed Skating (Competitive): 1021 calories
So, while running is still a best bet when it comes to calorie burn in most cases, some of those winter sports can surely pack a powerful punch. If you’d like to calculate more calories burned for your favorite activities, you can check out this Calorie Calculator I found on MyFitnessPal and this other one from Self.com.

Written by  Ashley Marcin.