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Afternoon or evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

Afternoon/evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

I’m not a morning runner by any means. However, I find what I do in the AM hours certainly has an impact on any running I might want to complete in a given day. In fact, it can make or break my workouts. With that in mind, here are five easy things I try to do each morning to set myself up for success running in the afternoon and evening hours.

Eat breakfast
This is a given, but if you don’t start your day with a filling, healthful breakfast — you’re begging for some major ups an downs nutritionally. Not only will eating a balanced breakfast (these 12 protein rich options are great and simple to make!) get your brain thinking and your body moving, but you’ll also start off your day the right way and avoid grabbing those vending machine snacks and extra pounds to boot.

Pack or lay out running clothes
There’s nothing worse than getting home after a hard day of working and not being able to find your favorite running clothing. There have been times when I’ve let this silly situation derail my training. Now? When I’m getting dressed for the day, I set out a weather appropriate exercise outfit for the afternoon. (Alternatively, you could pack your gym bag for easy access.) When it’s time to run, everything is ready and waiting — no excuses.

Fill a water bottle
Along with food, hydration can have a huge impact. In the winter, I tend to forget to drink those 8 glasses a day. If I fill up a water bottle and keep it at my side, I remember much better. There have been evenings when it’s come time for me to run, and I’ve been so completely exhausted. The culprit? Almost always dehydration. It’s such a simple thing, yet so many of us forget it … and often.

Take a walk
Sitting at a desk all day with idle legs is a sure way to lose motivation for after-hours running. I found when I took even just a 10 or 15 minute walk in the morning, I’d fare much better with my workouts. Small bursts of activity not only get the blood pumping and muscles loose, but they also ring true the old saying that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

I also like to take a glance at my training calendar bright and early. That way, I know what’s in store for my nightly run. This activity also gives me a burst of motivation if I page through some of my notes from previous runs. I like to keep a paper log of my workouts and make notes like “felt awesome!” and “so worth it!” so when I feel tired or sluggish late in the day, I remember how powerful moving is for me and my body.

Are you an afternoon/evening runner? How do you keep yourself motivated?

Written by  Ashley Marcin.