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Vegetable spotlight: beets

Vegetable spotlight: beets | recipes and nutrition facts

I only recently started incorporating beets into my diet on the regular. I used to think they were far too messy to cook with and not worth all the effort. Then I roasted my first batch and got completely hooked on their earthy, sweet flavor. Beets aren’t just good for walkers, joggers, and runners – […]

Transitioning to outdoor running for spring


It’s official spring! Woohoo. This winter was brutal (#understatement), sending many runners indoors. To get back to your top racing form, you’ll need to transition back into the great outdoors. But too much treadmill running can make transitioning to roads difficult and – at times – painful. Here are some tips to ease into your new […]

How to battle allergies on the run

Fighting allergies when you're running

Spring is right around the corner, but for some of us, the milder temperatures and longer days come at a cost: allergies. Running and allergies is nothing to sneeze over. We’ve only had spring-like weather in my neck of the woods for the past week and I’m already suffering. I’m dealing with a constant runny […]

How to start running (again)

make your running comeback: how to start running again after a break

I’m a few weeks away from having my baby, and am extremely fortunate to still be running. But my walking breaks are getting longer and happening more often, so I have a feeling my pregnancy running career is coming to an end pretty soon. Even if I’m able to run right up until the big […]

Healthy green foods

Healthy green food alternatives for St. Patrick's Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and many of us may think to grab a pint of Guinness, some corned beef, an Irish car bomb (more power to you!) or one of those four leaf clover sugar cookies covered in green sprinkles, you know the ones. But if you’re looking for a healthier way to celebrate, here […]

Will losing weight make me a faster runner?

Will losing weight me run faster?

We’ve covered a bit about how to balance training with weight loss, how to run for weight loss, and even how running helps when we overeat. Still, if you’re trying to lose weight … after all the healthy eating, cross-training, and weight lifting is over, that magic question every runner asks (out loud or not) […]

Polarized training: an approach for experienced runners

Polarized training for advanced running

Some days I wish I could go back to the beginning. I think one of the reasons I fell in love with running was because I improved so much relatively quickly and easily. Back then, every new race distance was an automatic PR. And as I got in better shape, new PRs just continued to […]

Study: another look at heart disease in marathoners – and their spouses

Is marathon running bad for your heart

We all know that running, and exercising in general, is good for us. Running strengthens our muscles, lungs, and hearts which reduces the risk of dangerous medical conditions, like heart disease (source). But we’ve all also heard the sad stories of marathoners who died during the race – usually from an underlying heart condition. Every […]

Afternoon or evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

Afternoon/evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

I’m not a morning runner by any means. However, I find what I do in the AM hours certainly has an impact on any running I might want to complete in a given day. In fact, it can make or break my workouts. With that in mind, here are five easy things I try to […]

Am I too slow to be a runner?


“Have you run Boston?” It seems like an innocent question. In fact, it’s one of the first questions people ask me after I tell them I’m a runner. I always reply the same way, “no, I haven’t, but I’d love to.” But what I’m really thinking is, “no, I’m way too slow and will probably […]