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WalkJogRun app update: Real-time pace coach and popular routes features to Help Runners Stay on Track


We are very (VERY) excited to announce the latest version of the WalkJogRun app – a version that includes six new features and an updated user interface. What exactly makes this update so exciting? Well, for starters, we really love the real-time Pace Coach. The first of its kind in mobile running applications, this feature lets runners set a target goal pace […]

The pros and cons of registering for a race early


Last March, I happily forked over about $260 to the New York Road Runners. I had guaranteed entry into the New York City Marathon (NYCM) for 2013 and could not wait to run the race, so I didn’t think twice about securing my spot eight months in advance. Fast forward to July when I found […]

Recipe: protein-packed pancakes


I’m watching what I eat more carefully these days. Not necessarily to cut calories and lose weight, but more to track the nutrients I’m getting through foods. One area I continually struggle with as a long-time vegetarian is my protein consumption. Raise your hand if you can relate! Sports nutritionist Krista Austin explains that “runners […]

Training diary tips: the anatomy of a good entry


I absolutely love the age we live in. There are tons of websites and apps designed to make tracking our athletic performance and progress easier. We can use all sorts of fancy tools to calculate possible race scenarios or come up with workouts tailored to get us across the finish line at a certain pace. […]

3 more allergy relief methods for runners


Yesterday’s run was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining and the temperatures were warm with steady breezes. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky – literally. My legs felt fantastic. My pace felt effortless. I rounded the street corner around mile 2 and felt a familiar trickle down my cheeks. I was crying tears of […]

Natural healing: allergies


Allergies got you down? Me too. Puffy eyes, runny nose, itchiness, you name it, I’ve got it. All the advice I’ve see tells me to keep the windows closed, not to let my indoor and outdoor dog sleep in the bedroom (yeah, right), and to not spend time outdoors in the morning. Pretty much avoid […]

Achilles tendonitis in runners


By Meredith Franczyk, PT, MPT Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common running injuries.  It is estimated 50 percent of all runners will experience Achilles pain at some point – males more frequently than females. The Achilles tendon is a thick band of tissue located along the back of the lower leg and connects the […]

Why you might be tired


Do you find yourself dragging to get through the day? Tired beyond tired? And workouts: They’re impossible! It’s difficult when the weather gets nice to not have that natural spring in our steps. Even the best of us find ourselves in an energy rut from time to time. So, it’s important to pinpoint the underlying […]

Recipe: parsnip asparagus quinoa salad

parsnip asparagus quinoa salad

There are few foods that make me feel more winter-y than parsnips and there are few foods that remind me spring has sprung more than asparagus. On the cusp of the two seasons, both these vegetables are deliciously in “season”. So why not use both to create this filling yet light quinoa salad? I enhanced […]

6 places to walk this spring


Spring is finally here, which means those walks for fitness will be much more pleasant. Thing is, after months upon months of being stuck on treadmills snow-covered sidewalks, even a short walk can still feel like a chore. So, it’s time to break out of this cycle and find love for putting one foot in […]