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Superfood slow cooker recipes for busy runners

superfood slow cooker recipes for runners

I don’t know about you, but time is at a premium in my household. To get in all the daily tasks, cook healthy meals, work out, and spend time together as a family — well — requires some fancy footwork. The crock pot is a cooking tool I use year-round to create simple meals when I’m quite literally on the run.

And with the plethora of recipes I’ve come across, it’s actually an incredible smart option, especially if the alternative is takeout or convenience foods. Yes! You can have it all — it just requires a little planning.

Here are 10 crock pot meals runners can enjoy with a decidedly Superfoods focus:

  1. Check out this slow cooked Kale and Lentil mix, which can easily be made vegetarian by subbing vegetable broth for chicken broth. It has lots of protein and some unique flavorings, including ginger and cumin.
  2. Or perhaps this savory Superfood Veggie Soup is more your style. This recipe is teeming with vegetables, and it even uses a low-sodium, low-sugar vegetable juice as its broth base.
  3. If you’d like a warm breakfast waiting for you after a long run, think ahead and toss the ingredients for this slow cooker Breakfast Quinoa in your crock pot overnight! It’s got a great mix of apples, dates, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. Toss in your favorite milk (I think almond or coconut would be delicious) and even sweeten with some honey or maple syrup.
  4. For a hunger-satisfying meal, this Sweet Potato and Turkey Chili recipe is sure to satisfy. The author writes that it “packs a double protein punch with the addition of both lean ground turkey breast and quinoa,” which sounds exactly like the kind of meal a runner needs in his/her life.
  5. If you’d rather make a side-dish, try this slow cooked Tuscan Kale recipe. Flavored with garlic and rosemary, this dish could marry well with a number of quick entrees – including fried tofu, baked fish, or oven-roasted chicken.
  6. Or you could even pair the kale with these “Stupid Easy” Perfectly Cooked Yams. The author also suggests eating them with “sausage or almond butter and cinnamon or coconut butter or shredded pork or ground beef” — basically anything you have in your kitchen stores.
  7. Curry is one of my favorite spices, so of course I need to add this Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup to my must-make list. If you don’t have leeks, you can easily substitute in some onions, but what’s most important is that this dish will fill you up with lots of much-needed nutrients.
  8. Beans are another Superfood, but if you’re like me – you usually eat canned. Apparently morphing dried beans into delectable is as simple as putting them in the slow cooker. Here are some awesome tips for getting the best results every time. From there, you can make veggie burgers, toss into soups and stews, or even sprinkle on salads.
  9. Looking for a new way to enjoy cauliflower? This easy slow cooker Cauliflower Mash is for you! And it’s a great substitute for mashed potatoes if you’re looking to sneak some more lower-carb veggies into your life.
  10.  This slow cooker Beef and Broccoli recipe is a hearty meal, that’s for sure. It’s also a great alternative to getting Chinese takeout, as it has the flavors (soy sauce, sesame oil, etc.) and textures, especially if dished over a nice serving of brown rice (or quinoa for extra Superfood power!).

Check out these nutritious foods for runners, complete with more tasty recipes:

What’s your favorite busy night slow cooker recipe?

Written by  Ashley Marcin.