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Uncooked Dinners for Busy Runners

no cook dinnersI don’t know about you, but as the weather warms up, my meals get a little less hearty. I tend to favor easy-to-assemble dishes that require zero time in the oven. Do you find yourself in the same boat? Actually, there are many benefits to eating uncooked foods, especially certain vegetables. For example, raw garlic contains anti-inflammatory effects that could benefit runners. Cucumbers contain powerful antioxidants. And broccoli packs a myrosinase (a liver-cleansing enzyme) that is rendered ineffective by heat. (Source) Here are 10 quick and delicious dinner recipes that require no oven or stove time.

  1. Curried Tofu Salad is a favorite of mine because it is great on its own, but also spreads wonderfully between two slices of bread. If you don’t like mayo, consider swapping it for Greek yogurt.
  2. This simple Three Bean Salad comes together in a snap. And I see no reason you need to use the beans specified (kidney, white, and black), just use whatever you have on hand.
  3. You might not think Hummus with Tahini is a sustaining meal in itself. So, be sure to scoop a generous portion into a pita pocket and top with sliced tomatoes and sprouts.
  4. I often make caprese salad for a whole meal in the spring and summer months. I love this twist on the classic: Caprese Salad Kabobs. It’s a great idea to bring to a pot-luck, too!
  5. Something’s fishy with this French Tuna Salad Sandwich. How can a meal be so healthy and delicious at the same time? (A great way to pack some omega-3s into your day!)
  6. This Gazpacho with Goat Cheese has me begging for dinner al fresco. The bold favor combinations are appealing and blending all those veggies together is surely good for you.
  7. Have you tried Zucchini Pasta? If not, you’re in for a treat. It’s a wonderfully light way to enjoy pasta, and this recipe pairs with a zesty raw tomato sauce.
  8. Try something a little more exotic with this California Garden Roll. All the fresh ingredients go together beautifully, and I can’t resist a recipe with sliced avocado. Wonderful for getting in those essential fats.
  9. One of my husband’s favorite quick dinners is No-Bake Salad Pizza. This recipe calls for a pre-made crust, but I suggest making individual-sized pies (4 in all) using whole wheat pitas.
  10. Then there’s Veggie Swiss Chard Wraps. Basically, you can chop and toss in whatever you like. I like to eat these versus standard salad to get in a big dose of greens.

Do you have any favorite uncooked dinner creations? Share them in the comments!

Written by  Ashley Marcin.