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WalkJogRun app update: Real-time pace coach and popular routes features to Help Runners Stay on Track

We are very (VERY) excited to announce the latest version of the WalkJogRun app – a version that includes six new features and an updated user interface.

What exactly makes this update so exciting?

Well, for starters, we really love the real-time Pace Coach. The first of its kind in mobile running applications, this feature lets runners set a target goal pace and receive their choice of audio, visual, or vibrational alerts to speed up or slow down mid-workout or race. For example, say you want to run a 25:05 5K. Set the pace coach to 8:04 and you’ll be notified throughout the race if you’re going too slow or too fast for your goal.


Pretty cool, right?

This  feature is made possible thanks to our uniquely accurate GPS engine, the benefit of which is quite measurable to runners. If a runner runs a 10-minute mile, other apps would typically record the run as a 9-minute mile. In contrast, the WalkJogRun records a 9:56-minute mile, much closer to the real world pace.

And in addition to the Pace Coach, we’re also psyched about the debut of Popular Routes, a feature that highlights the most popular places to run in any given location. Made possible in part to the awesome data visualization pioneers at Nautilytics, popular routes are now marked in purple on the app and on the WalkJogRun website.


This feature is great for travelers searching for safe and accessible routes – as well as for new users just getting started on their running journeys. Popular Routes draws on more than two years of data and more than 128,000 public training sessions contributed by our users.

Some other features in this update designed to streamline functionality and provide runners with a better training experience included:

  • Training plan management. Removing old training plans is now much easier.
  • GPS tips. Trouble getting a GPS signal? We offer you suggestions to get you on your way.
  • Recently viewed route lists. Routes and distances you look at regularly are now bookmarked for easier access online and offline.
  • Unsaved session indicator. An “unsaved session” badge has been added to the “create routes” tab to show runners when there are workouts that need to be sent to the server. You can select each workout and resubmit it when the Internet signal or Wi-Fi is stronger, ensuring that no workout is left unsaved.

Download the app and let us know what you think of the latest version below!