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Good hydration: The pros and cons of different drinks for running


Before a run, what do you fill your water bottle up with – water, a sports drink, coconut water? Runners know how important good hydration is. But with a host of beverage options to choose from, which is best for staying hydrated on the run? Well, that depends. Each beverage comes with its own benefits […]

Cool races in cool places: Wings for Life Run, 35 countries


WINGS FOR LIFE RUN When: May 4, 2014 Where: 35 countries worldwide, view all locations here. Distance: Part of what makes this race unique is you don’t know the distance you’ll run – the finish line will chase you instead of you running for it. In a nutshell, you know where you start, but you don’t […]

Cool races in cool places: Run for the Wild, Bronx Zoo, New York City

Bronx Zoo elephants / Creative Commons license

RUN FOR THE WILD When: Saturday, April 26, 2014 (8 a.m. start for runners, 8:45 a.m. start for walkers and families) Distance: 5K (3.1 miles) Course map What makes it a cool race: Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! The 6th annual Run for the Wild takes place in the Bronx Zoo – before the zoo […]

Study: Can running too much kill you? (and how to properly read studies)

How to get the most out of your running shoes.

In grad school for my Master of Public Health, we had to take several courses learning how to properly interpret scientific studies – and how to tell the good studies from the not-so-good ones. (Bear with me. I promise this has to do with running.) One of the most important lessons we learned was that correlation […]

Remembering Boston: one year later


We’ll never forget last year – we’ll always remember those who suffered and those who lost their lives. Our hearts continue to go out to all the victims’ families and to all those affected by this horrible tragedy.  But today we’re also moving forward. And we’re here, Boston, one year later. Here are some moving […]

All about step machines

all about step machines

While it may be spring, most gym memberships run the course of a full year. So, chances are if you have a membership, you’re still heading indoors to do at least some running or cross-training. We thought it’d be good to cover some more equipment you might not be familiar with. And if you’ve been […]

The best summer trail races in the United States

best summer trail races

We recently shared our trail running tips for beginners. As the temperatures get hotter, it becomes the ideal time to take up trail running. The shade provided by the trees on the trail can keep you cool and protect you from the heat of the sun. So, why not sign up for your first trail […]

Recipe: 5-ingredient no-bake protein bars


Looking for a nutritious and satisfying pre- or post-workout snack? Try these delicious no-bake protein bars! With just five simple ingredients, this recipe is both inexpensive and quick to make. Seriously, it took me like five minutes flat to mix together. You’ll see an asterisk beside the protein powder because you can use whatever you […]

Running with music: yea or nay?


My sister and I are both avid runners. She runs longer distances, while I enjoy shorter mileage at quicker speeds. Our differences don’t stop there, whenever she heads out for a run, she immediately grabs her favorite companion, her iPad, even if  I’m running with her. She literally can’t run without music and yet, I […]

Natural healing: apple cider vinegar


As athletes, we all run into sports injuries and ailments while training, from swollen ankles to chaffing, athletes foot to sunburns. In this new series we will explore some of the natural ways we can help heal what ails us. As always, make sure you check with your doctor before starting any type of regimen.  […]