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Drink up: tasty ways to get your water in


The season for ultra hydration is upon us, but are you ready for it? On my last long run, I was taken by surprise — majorly so — when I was endlessly thirsty. The temperature was a good 30 degrees higher than I’m used to after being stuck in the vortex all winter. I finished 12 miles, and then I had all the signs of mild dehydration, including dry mouth, headache, and tiredness. I just couldn’t keep up, so I guzzled water all night.

Don’t be like me. Drink up before, during, and after exercise. That’s the best defense to falling behind on your hydration and stores. And it will keep you feeling better all day long, running or not running.

Here are some smart ways to get your water without drinking it plain.

The bottle trick
Fill a plastic water bottle halfway with water, then freeze it on its side. When you’re ready to exercise or head to the gym, fill the rest with fresh cold water. You’ll have a gigantic ice cube that will keep your H2O cold for hours.

Smart cubes
Freeze some coconut water ice cubes to plop in your water! Not only will they make your drink (or smoothie!) taste great – but you’ll also get all the added nutrients and electrolytes to power and restore your body.

Vitamin water
My brother actually works for Vitamin Water, so don’t tell him I’m sharing this one! You can make your own nutrient-rich drink by slicing up fruit (or using frozen) and letting it steep overnight. A far more natural way to take in all the goodness.

Hydration stores
If you haven’t seen our recipe for homemade chia fresca — check it out now! If you’d like to omit the caffeine, you can use all coconut water or mix in plain water as well. Great for pre-run hydration on particularly hot summer days.

Energy drinks
We also have quite a collection of DIY energy drinks that can save you some major money. Whether you’re looking to sip on antioxidants, minerals, or just get some major hydration – we have you covered.

Electrolyte cubes
I also ran into this idea to freeze homemade energy drinks for morning sickness of all things. However, this same trick will work for exercise, particularly post-run when your stomach might be feeling a bit off (mine tends to do that after a long run). Same benefits as above, just colder.

Sports slushie
If you’d rather just sip standard Gatorade, try this trick! You can make sports slushies by simply placing the drink in a bag, freezing, and whisking with a fork periodically to aerate. You need to make sure your freezer is set to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but I think it’s worth the tinkering.

Restorative smoothie
This smoothie mix has it all: Coconut water for hydration, aloe to flush toxins, avocado for anti-inflammatory properties. If you’d rather sip a different mix, just make sure to add lots of ice (aka WATER) to your blender and drink up.

What’s your favorite way to stay hydrated as the temperatures climb? We’d love your suggestions — just leave them in the comments!

Written by  Ashley Marcin.