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Getting started: tips for beginner runners

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Have you been bitten by the running bug?

I have seen a number of my friends start running in the last couple months, and the good vibes are certainly infectious. I’ve also observed a few rookie mistakes that I, myself, made when I was starting out. It’s all par for the course, and whether you’re experiencing triumph or strife – we all go through these periods as runners.

If you’re a newbie – welcome to the unofficial worldwide runners club. We’ve happy to have you! The WalkJogRun blog is a great reference if you’re looking to run longer, faster, and farther than ever before. Feel free to browse our collection of articles specifically for beginning runners.

Today? I’d like to call out just a few articles that might help you specifically:

Training tips for your first 5K race
We makes it simple with five easy steps to get training for that first race. Check out this article for how to choose your race, follow a plan, set realistic goals, run with a friend, and stay safe on the run. Racing is truly.

Tips to transition from winter to spring running
Yes, the calendar date for spring has come and gone, but many of us had snow this week. So these tips still apply, covering the need for new shoes, training logs, workout buddies, level running surfaces, and even some strength and cardio-boosting interval training.

Beginning runner gift guide
True, it’s not the gift-giving season anymore. If you’re starting on the road to better cardiovascular health through running, however, you deserve a reward. Here are nine items all runners should have in their bag of tricks, anything from Bodyglide anti-chafe balm to the ever-useful foam roller.

Am I too slow to be a runner?
In short, the answer is a resounding NO. I think one of the most common worries/concerns I hear among my newbie running friends is regarding pace. This article will give you a boost of confidence because the greatest secret about running is: You’re really just racing against yourself. Be the best runner YOU can be and resist the comparison trap. You’re doing great!

Run longer, run further: increasing your running distance
At some point after you’ve been running a while, you’ll want to challenge yourself to the next level. This article gives you some sound tips for upping mileage without experiencing injury. Definitely helpful when looking to go from the 5K to 10K distance, at beyond!

Running on a budget
You might also be asking yourself: How much is this going to cost me in the long run? Honestly? Not much. So long as you’re careful with your spending, running can be one of the most cost-effective hobbies out there. Here’s how to squeezethe most out of your running funds.

WJR safety guide
Last, but certainly not least – check out our comprehensive safety guide. We cover everything from running at night to running in the heat and much more! It’s important to think safety on the run because you can find yourself in some tricky situations if you’re not careful. With a little foresight and planning, you’ll be prepared for it all in stride.

If you’re a newbie, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us when or why you started running in the comments!

Written by Ashley Marcin.

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