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Vegetable spotlight: spinach


Popeye was right to be enthusiastic about his consumption of spinach. Thing is, we’re now overloaded with our superfood options, and kale is usually the clear winner when choosing a dark, leafy green. Go back to basics with the shunned spinach from your childhood. For one, it’s an excellent source of iron, which can easily be depleted during running sweat sessions.

Another marked nutritional benefits of spinach? It contains 56 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement in just 1 raw cup. Vitamin A’s main benefits include longevity, antioxidant power, and immune support. We runners put our bodies under stress, so we can use an extra boost. What’s better is that vitamin A is key in aiding with iron-absorption, so spinach gives a one-two punch in this regard.

Here are 20 tasty, hand-picked recipes that will have you running to the store to stock up!

If you don’t love spinach, an easy way to sneak it into your diet is via the green smoothie. Basically, there’s no one recipe for this healthful drink. Instead, the flavor usually blends into whatever mix you’re making on a given day. Just add a handful or two to get the benefits.

And if you’re still skeptical, try this simple recipe. You won’t notice the greens at all!

What’s your favorite way to eat spinach?

Written by  Ashley Marcin 

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