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Where to stash your stuff when you run

Where to stash your safety

In addition to gels and a water bottle, I like to tote several safety items along on a run (check out this article for the lowdown on water bottles and hydration systems). Usually, it’s just identification, my cell phone, and some cash – in case I run out of fuel and need to stop at a gas station for a sports drink. In the past, I’ve also carried my keys and pepper spray. I only have two hands, and all of that stuff gets heavy!

Here are some of my favorite ways to lug all of that safety gear:

  • Pockets. I will not purchase any running apparel unless it has pockets – the more the merrier. It’s pretty standard these days for running shorts to have a couple of outer pockets and an inner pocket. I stash things like gels in the outer pockets for easy access, and more important things, like cash and my keys, in an inner pocket so that it’s closer to my body. Better yet, I love shorts that have a zip pocket, like these Brooks Pacer shorts, to keep my valuables even more secure.
  • Spibelt. The Spibelt is a belt that has just one long, thin zipped pouch. It expands enough to fit a cell phone, keys, cash, and your ID – I’ve even heard of runners carrying their cameras in their Spibelt. The biggest perk of the Spibelt when compared to similar products is that it doesn’t bounce at all when you run.
  • RoadID Shoe Pouch ID. A RoadID is the simplest way to make sure you always have identification when you’re running. You choose what you wanted printed on the ID plate – such as your name, hometown, and emergency contacts – and you select if you want a wrist, ankle, or shoe ID. I prefer the shoe ID because I’ll never accidentally leave my shoes at home on a run. The Shoe Pouch ID is an even better choice because it comes with a secure pocket for cash, credit cards, or other small items.
  • Phone belt or armband. I just hold my phone when I run, but this product, the Tune Belt Sport Belt, piqued my interest. Not only does it securely hold your phone (different models that fit different cell phones), but there’s also a back pocket to hold small items like your ID, cash, and the like. This belt goes around your waist, but there are similar products (like this one) that secure to your upper arm.

A large fuel belt or hydration pack may also have plenty of space for all of your safety item needs, so that’s always an option. Or you could go completely no frills and stash some cash and your ID under the inserts in your running shoes.

How do you carry your extra stuff along on the run?

Written by Jen Matz.