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Spotlight: Eggs


There are lots of foods athletes should incorporate into their diets, but I’d say chief among them are eggs. Runner’s World includes eggs in their 15 best foods for runners list – so you know they have to be good for you. And if you’ve followed the Paleo diet that is sweeping the nation – along with any whole foods regimen – eggs are a huge staple.

Why are eggs so good for us? To start, they are a quick, convenient source of protein. Though it’s been popular for many years to eat mostly egg whites, a lot of the nutrition is in the yolk. In fact, the yolk itself is high in vitamins A and D, all while having good concentrations of omega-3, potassium, folate, selenium, and calcium.

A single egg white contains 4 grams of protein, but add in the yolk for a total of 7 grams. In total, one egg gives your body 10 percent of your daily protein requirement. And as for the cholesterol debate, “Studies have shown egg eaters have a lower risk for heart disease than those who avoid eggs.”

The best part? Eggs are highly adaptable and can be included in a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

One of my favorite ways to eat eggs is by hard boiling them. I use Martha Stewart’s method and get fantastic results every time. You want the yolk to be hard, but not over-cooked, which is indicated when the yolk turns from a vibrant yellow to a chalky grey. You can make a batch at the beginning of the week to store – in shells – for several days.

Another trick I’ve learned over the years is to fry your eggs in coconut oil. Not only do you get all the added benefits of the healthy oil choice over standard butter, but the end result is downright delicious. From there, I like to top my eggs with a few squirts of sriracha sauce. I find this method as equally tasty for breakfast as it is for dinner. When in doubt, toss an egg on it!

How do you like your eggs?

Written by Ashley Marcin / Photo Creative Commons image