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Potassium sources for athletes

sources of potassium for runners

You may have noticed amid all those water bottles in the post-race tents that there are usually quite a few bananas hanging around. These bananas are there in bunches to aid with recovery because they contain a healthy dose of potassium. So, what exactly does potassium do for the body? For starters, it works with […]

Is walking with weights effective?

is walking with weights good or bad for you

We know strength training is a wonderful complement to a regular cardiovascular routine, and you may have even seen a fellow walker strolling along with hand or ankle weights – attempting to get all the benefits with one convenient workout. But is walking with weights good way to enhance your workout or, conversely, a disaster waiting […]

Summer BBQ food by the calories and miles

summer bbq food by calories and miles

Few things say “summer” more to me than barbecues. A mojito in my hand and a plate piled high with macaroni salad, corn on the cob, a burger, and – of course – watermelon. While I love this summertime tradition, the number of BBQs we attend or throw between Memorial Day and Labor Day sometimes […]

Recipe: peanut butter breakfast cookies

recipe peanut butter breakfast cookies

I’m definitely a breakfast girl –and for good reason. Fueling the day from the very start helps keep energy levels stable and my stomach from growling. And if you exercise in the morning, you definitely need to replenish all those calories you torched before the sun came up. One of my favorite grab-and-go breakfasts? Cookies! […]

Programs to get children involved in running

programs to get kids involved with running

These days, kids don’t have to wait until they’re old enough to try out for the middle school track team to take up running. Several programs exist at the local and national levels to introduce younger children to the sport. High-profile national running programs for kids include the following: Girls on the Run The mission […]

My month off from serious running


After my half marathon, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with myself. I initially took a few days off and a week of easy running, but then I immediately started in with ramping back into my marathon training that starts next week. Life had other plans, and I ended up taking quite […]

Add intervals to your walking routine

Walking intervals: speed and hill

You don’t need to run to torch some major calories and get a huge cardiovascular benefit. In fact, if you’ve been feeling sort of stagnant about walking lately, consider this: Researchers studied a group of overweight women and had them do 45-minute speed-interval walking workouts and toning exercises four times a week. In the end, […]

Does Kinesio tape really work?

Does Kinesio tape work? Photo by Maria Ly, Creative Commons

If you’ve run or spectated a race in recent years, you’ve likely noticed the fluorescent strips taped on some athletes’ legs, knees, ankles, or shoulders. This special tape is called Kinesio tape (you may hear it referred to as “KT tape” but that’s just one brand) and it is used for medical reasons. Developed by […]

3 quick post-workout breakfasts for busy mornings


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially if you do the bulk of your exercise in the morning. Regardless, too many of us continue to skimp or even skip this critical meal. There are a few tricks, however, that can change all that. With a little foresight, some smart recipes, and practice, […]

Race Recap: Bolder Boulder 10K


Over Memorial Day, I joined 50,000 other runners in racing the 34th annual Bolder Boulder. The race winds it’s way through the neighborhoods of Boulder, through downtown and then up a hill into the Colorado University stadium. I’ve run a lot of races over the years and before I talk about my run I have […]