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The basics of the ultra marathon

Take your running up a notch

I recently returned from a trip to my childhood hometown where I dropped by this little sporting goods store on the main street to check out running shoes. At the checkout, I flipped through a brochure for the local runners club. Since I’m from a rather mountainous region of Pennsylvania, I expected to see lots […]

Interval training

What are intervals and how fast should I run them?

Definition of intervals Intervals are a type of speed training with spurts of faster running (intense effort) followed by slower running (recovery effort). They might also be called repeat workouts in some literature. The pattern can be regular (measured or timed), as with traditional intervals. Examples: one minute of fast running followed by one minute of recovery; […]

Why do I gain weight during marathon training?


Whenever I tell someone that I’m training for a marathon, I get two responses: “you’re crazy!” or “you’re lucky – you must be able to eat whatever you want.” The first remark is definitely true. But the second? Not so much. Training for a marathon doesn’t mean you can neglect your diet, nor is it a […]

How to stop taking walk breaks during your runs


Taking walk breaks mid-run can be a great thing. You may even be able to cover a longer distance, in a shorter amount of time with walk breaks than without them. However, that’s a big “may”. If you started running using a run-walk method, such as Jeff Galloway’s popular training approach, you may wonder, “Could […]

Race recap: Bridge Run Half Marathon (front-of-the-pack)

The few from the front. A race recap from a super speedy front-of-the-pack runner.

A few weeks ago, I ran in the fourth annual Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon, the capstone race of my spring season. The course gets its name from the six bridge crossings along its scenic miles that snake through the downtown, historic district, and beautiful west side of Binghamton, N.Y. It starts and ends at […]

Slow down to speed up: the importance of active rest

Beginners: start running slowly

After hard efforts, your body is inundated with waste products, which cause soreness and inflammation. Over time, your body will naturally remove these waste products and replace them with fresh, oxygenated blood. But this process can seem lengthy to a runner with itchy legs. You can expedite the recovery process with active rest, activity completed at an […]

It’s marathon training time: what I will do differently this time


I’ve made it no secret that marathons aren’t really my thing. I just haven’t had good results when I start training for and finally race those 26.2 miles. However, like most athletes, I like the idea of a challenge so I’m giving the marathon distance another go this fall. But I want to finish this […]

Spotlight: Eggs


There are lots of foods athletes should incorporate into their diets, but I’d say chief among them are eggs. Runner’s World includes eggs in their 15 best foods for runners list – so you know they have to be good for you. And if you’ve followed the Paleo diet that is sweeping the nation – along with any […]

Tips for racing with your dog

Tips for racing with your dog

We ran our first family race a few weeks ago. And by family I don’t mean that I ran with my child but with my dog. Eli is my training buddy. He can run three quick miles or 10 long ones. He runs in the cold, in the snow (with the right precautions), and in […]