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Running when sore: when it’s OK and when it’s not


My alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning and 10 miles were on my agenda. As soon as I stood up though, I realized my legs had other plans. I was sore. No doubt from the strength training session and 800m repeats I did earlier in the week. I thought I’d feel OK by […]

You can’t do it all – and it’s OK

You can't do it all in training - and that's OK!

I had good intentions when I created my New York City Marathon training plan. This race is important to me, so I wanted to do everything in my power to ensure it goes well. And I really mean everything. By trying to do it all you may accomplish nothing at all The first iteration of […]

Prevent chafing with homemade balms and creams

Homemade lotions and creams to prevent chafing on the run.

Chafing. That stinging, burning feeling of skin rubbed raw. It leaves ugly marks and can take a while to heal, leaving you uncomfortable through many workouts. We all deal with it at one time or another. It can happen when we least expect it, like in the middle of a 20-miler. Or perhaps you have […]

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke in runners

Running during the summer has a plethora of benefits – extra light, runner’s tans, not having to bundle up in a million layers, etc. – but there is one downfall for many runners: The heat. In these dog days of summer everyone, it’s important to be extra vigilant about the power of the suns powerful rays. From protective layers, […]

Race recap, Parlor City 5K: a lesson in running by feel (front-of-the-pack runner)

Parlor City 5K in Binghamton, NY

For the last few (several) weeks, running has taken a back seat to one of life’s biggest stresses, moving. And I don’t mean “hire a moving truck and fretfully wait for it to arrive on time” moving. I mean “taking two trips with a 17 foot UHaul truck, paying friends with beer and pizza, waking […]

Fruit spotlight: cucumbers

About and recipes with cucumbers - a hydrating, nutritious fruit

There are few foods more refreshing than cucumbers. Especially during summer, the crisp, cool flavor and high moisture content make cucumbers both irresistible and smart for snacking. Cucumbers are more than 95 percent water – all while being low in calories and big on fresh taste. In addition, cucumbers are an excellent source of fiber. Since […]

‘Races’ for children: fun for the entire family

I have a new favorite race, and it’s an event I can’t even technically participate in. Even though I’ll never get a PR, medal, or even a finishing time, no event has ever filled me with more pride and happiness. I’m talking about kids’ races. As a runner, nothing excites me more than seeing my […]

Study: Beginners should ease into running (very) slowly to prevent injury

Beginners: start running slowly

I remember when I first started running years ago. I wanted to be like my friends who were runners, meaning I wanted to be able to run 3 or 4 miles without taking walk breaks – right away. Well, of course, that didn’t happen. Getting into running shape takes time when you’re starting from zero. […]

Get faster, no speedwork required

Run faster, without traditional speed workouts

A friend and I were talking half marathon training the other day. She’s run a couple half marathons and wants to PR in the distance in the fall, but she has a problem: she hates prescribed speedwork. If a training plan calls for 800m repeats or tempo runs, she won’t do the workout. It’s just […]

Taking running safety to the next level: new tips

Safety tips for beginner runners

In case you haven’t noticed, we take running safety pretty seriously here at WalkJogRun. While we’ve compiled safety tips in the past, here are a few additional ones to consider (as well as a reminder of the basic ones) this summer – and always. FORGO the ponytail: If you slap your long hair up in a ponytail […]