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How to keep your hair out of your face when running

How to keep your hair out of your face when running

Over the past decade, I’ve run the gamut when it comes to hairstyles – from super short ‘dos to long hair down to my mid-back. While I may change my look from time to time, one thing remains constant: I always want my hair out of my face and off the nape of my neck when I’m running.

These tips have helped my hair stay in place on the run:

For short hair
Ponytails aren’t an option for women with pixie cuts and other short styles. Still, short hairdos can be just as aggravating during exercise. Headbands have always been my go to solution. However, it’s important to choose a good headband that doesn’t slip – the last thing you want is to have to stop several times mid-run to readjust your headband. My favorite brands are Sparkly Soul and bicbands – both really stay put even on long, humid runs.

For long hair
Put your hair up in a fairly tight ponytail – make sure it’s tight enough to stay put, but not so tight that you get a headache. If you can’t get your ponytail tight enough, spritz your hair with water first and that will help hair stay more secure.

Some girls with long hair prefer to braid their hair or put it in a high, tight bun instead of a ponytail. A tight French braid is an option, too, if you don’t mind feeling your hair down your back.

After your hair is up, secure any loose pieces with bobby pins. Then slip on a headband or hat to keep your bangs or fly-aways from getting in your face. Stash an extra hair tie and extra bobby pins in your pocket in case you need them mid-run. The worst is when you stop to fix your ponytail and the elastic band snaps and you don’t have a spare.

I usually choose hat over a visor. I have to fix visors mid-run because, in my experience, they don’t stay put as well as hats – especially when it’s windy. If you wear a visor, make sure it fits really well and secure it with bobby pins.

For styles in between
Chin length ‘dos can be some of the most frustrating on the run. I follow the same approach I do for long hair. Except I use more bobby pins because a lot less of my hair will stay in a ponytail. Sometimes I put on a thin headband and a hat to make sure all of my hair stays in place.

For the guys
I obviously don’t have any personal experience in this area but my husband had long hair for awhile. He’d wear a bandana to keep his hair out of his eyes when it was too short for a ponytail. Once it got longer, he’d pull it back, secure with a hair tie, and put on a hat.

How do you keep your hair from bothering you on runs?

Written by Jen Matz.