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Tips for running with glasses

tips for running with glasses

I have a love/hate relationship with contact lenses. When I was in 12th grade, I was chosen as one of the leads for the high school musical. I practiced my lines and learned my solo, but to truly look the part, I’d need to banish my dark frames and try contacts for the first time ever. I remember taking a good half hour trying to get my lenses in for the very first time. And when I finally got the hang of it, I was hooked.

Fast forward a decade, and after I gave birth to my daughter, something must have changed with the whole situation. I can no longer wear contact lenses without my eyes getting red and feeling generally irritated. I’m definitely planning to see a specialist to find ways or new brands to try and make contacts work again. In the meantime? I’ve adapted to running while wearing glasses because it ends up being the most comfortable solution – at least for now.

Here are some tips for all my four-eyed friends out there. Be sure to share your own in the comments below!

Consider sunglasses
And by that I mean prescription sunglasses. I actually don’t have a pair for myself, but I’m strongly considering making the purchase as the days get lighter and brighter. Glasses and contact lenses make our eyes more vulnerable to sunlight and a host of vision problems and other issues that can result with too much exposure.

Wear a hat
On rainy or snowy days, I like to keep my glasses from drips and drops by wearing a baseball cap. Not only does it keep my glasses relatively dry, but a cap also works as some additional sun coverage if the weather is between extremes. A visor works just as well for this purpose.

Lather and rinse
Well, sort of. If your glasses fog up on muggy days or when it’s cold, you can try this technique to help. First, apply a liberal amount of concentrated soap to your lenses using a washcloth. Then after a couple minutes of drying time, buff it off using a circular motion until your lenses are 99 percent clean. You should be fog-free!

Snag daily lenses
If you know you’re running a tough race or embarking on a long run, you might consider wearing contacts just for the day. If you keep a modest stock of daily contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about maintaining them if you regularly prefer wearing your glasses. I tend to wear contacts for my races and glasses for training.

Run blind
OK. Don’t really do that, but if your eyesight – like mine – isn’t terrible, you could try to run your regular loop sans glasses. I only do this if I’m at a park or somewhere I’m comfortably familiar. Again, if you attempt to go without, just be sure that you take some extra time, pay attention to your footing (and uneven pavement/sidewalks), etc. I have just been surprised with how well I actually can see without my glasses, but simply hadn’t considered not wearing them until I tried it.

Written by  Ashley Marcin.