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Running with a double stroller: braving the Duallie

Tips for running with a double stroller

The best thing about being pregnant for the second time is you don’t need much. The first kid requires a lot of stuff. However, the majority of it is reusable so there’s no need to break the bank again when you’re expecting number two.

With one exception – you’ll need a double running stroller. Most cost a pretty penny (unless you’re lucky enough to find a used model on Craigslist), but the price is not the worst part. Once you bring the baby home, you actually have to run with it, which I’m learning is tough.

Here are some observations I’ve made on my first few runs pushing the double stroller (I have the BOB Revolution Duallie SE):

  • It’s heavy. In my case, the stroller weighs 34lbs., my toddler weighs 27lbs., my baby weighs 13lbs., and the carseat weighs 9lbs – for a whopping total of 83lbs. Running while pushing 83lbs. is just about as difficult as it sounds. I can tell a huge difference between pushing just one kid in the single stroller vs. pushing them both in the double. I’m exhausted by mile 2.
  • My pace suffers even more than it does when pushing the single stroller. The single stroller slows down my pace by about 60 seconds/ mile. With the double, it’s closer to 90 seconds/ mile.
  • Uphills are killers … This is related to the load I’m pushing. My hamstrings and glutes have never hurt so much as they do pushing the double stroller up steep hills. Sometimes it feels like we’re not even moving which is pretty disheartening.
  • … and Down hills aren’t any better. It took me awhile to get used to controlling the single stroller when going downhill, but the double is even trickier to manage because it goes so much faster. It’s basic physics – more weight equals more speed. I have to run much faster than I usually do on the downhill so I don’t accidentally let go of the stroller and lose my kids.
  • Turns are trickier to navigate, too. The Duallie is much wider than the single BOB, which prohibits it from turning as smoothly. I have to significantly slow down, almost to a walk, to make sharp turns.
  • I need to keep both hands on the stroller at all times. With the single, I was sometimes able to take one hand off of the handlebars and use my arm when running – which makes running feel a lot easier, in my opinion. But the Duallie’s size makes it impossible to steer with one hand, so two hands stay on at all times.
  • Running with two kids is double the work. I need to coordinate my runs around two nap schedules and remember two sets of diapers, toys, hats, and blankets –it will be double the snacks and drinks, too, once my youngest gets older. Keeping two kids happy during the run is no easy feat either. I was so flustered the other day that I broke the cardinal rule of running with a toddler: I passed a playground. But stopping there for a few minutes was actually a welcome break!

Veterans: share your tips for running with the double running stroller!

(Note that BOB says it’s not safe to run using the carseat adapter because of the risk of tipping, and you can’t run with baby directly in the stroller until he or she is 6-8 months old. My child’s pediatrician had different recommendations, so I followed his advice. Ask your child’s pediatrician for advice.)

Written by Jen Matz.