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Homemade bagel sandwich options

Fuel yourself with homemade (healthy) bagel sandwiches.Bagels. They’re my favorite bread item as of late. But bagels surely get a bad reputation when it comes to diet for their tendency to be gigantic and full of simple carbohydrates. And there’s certainly reason for concern. Some of those bakery bagels contain as much as 500 calories or more per round and are made entirely with white refined flour.

Regardless, after a long run, I like to reach for a bagel to refuel. If you can swap out your plain mainstay with a healthier whole grain variety and keep the size on the small end – it will open up a whole new world of some amazing meal options for yourself. Here are some healthy swaps for some of your favorite bagel sandwiches.

Pizza bagel
Toast a whole grain bagel and top with some tomato sauce plus a couple tablespoons of low-fat shredded mozzarella. Use leftover roasted veggies from last night’s dinner to add some vibrancy to this meal and then broil until golden brown.

Hummus melt
Toast a whole grain bagel and top with a homemade hummus plus a couple tablespoons of law-fat cheese of your choice (I like cheddar). Broil until browned. When I make hummus at home, I simple pulse a drained can of chickpeas with some water and lemon juice – leaving out the tahini. I sometimes toss in a handful of spinach or avocado or even pesto for extra flavor and flair.

Avocado bagel
Toast a whole grain bagel and mash the flesh of an avocado with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Lots of good plant-based fats to replenish your body after a hard workout.

Mexican bagel
Toast a whole grain bagel and top with Neufchâtel cheese, salsa, and a couple tablespoons of Colby-Jack or cheddar. Broil until browned. Add some avocado slices or hot sauce. Swapping Neufchâtel for the cream cheese will mean 1/3 less fat.

PB&J bagel
Toast a whole grain bagel and spread with peanut butter on one side, whole fruit jam on the other. Or sometimes I like to spread peanut butter on both sides and top with sliced or crushed berries, bananas, etc.

Breakfast bagel
Scramble an egg with some chopped spinach or other greens and slap it between toasted slices of bagel. Top with tomato or salsa, avocado slices, low-fat cheese, or a few slices of turkey bacon.

Banana scramble bagel
If you don’t eat eggs or follow a vegan diet, you can try banana scramble. I made the recipe in the link with an English muffin, the the same concept applies on a bagel. Spread one side with some nut butter for extra goodness.

Tuna salad
Use spicy mustard or Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a delicious tuna salad. Top whole grain bagels with the mix and then replace cheese with avocado slices. You can use canned salmon for a twist on this recipe.

Egg salad
Same goes with egg salad – swap out the mayonnaise for Greek or low-fat yogurt and spread atop a toasted whole grain bagel.

What’s your favorite bagel sandwich? How have you made it healthier?

Written by  Ashley Marcin / Photo by Creative Commons image search