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Taking running safety to the next level: new tips

New tips to stay safe on the run

In case you haven’t noticed, we take running safety pretty seriously here at WalkJogRun. While we’ve compiled safety tips in the past, here are a few additional ones to consider (as well as a reminder of the basic ones) this summer – and always.

  1. FORGO the ponytail: If you slap your long hair up in a ponytail for your run, you might want to rethink your style. A ponytail is an easy thing for attackers to grab as you run or walk by. Alternatives that still keep hair in place include French braids, low pigtails, and tight buns.
  2. EMBRACE radio silence: We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again .. and again, music is a distraction. And the hazard it presents goes beyond the obvious of not paying as much attention to your surroundings and risking collisions with cars and bikes. If you’re distracted, you may also miss a number of other signs you are in danger or being followed.
  3. LEARN self defense: Nobody wants to think the worst will happen, but if you ever find yourself in a situation requiring self defense – there are some basic moves you can put in your back pocket today, like the Jiu-Jitsu wrist hold. And consider contacting your community center or local police station to find out about taking a course so you can learn and practice techniques with certified professionals.
  4. GET pepper spray There are lots of self defense items you can use depending on your locality’s rules and regulations. Anything from whistles to mace. But be smart about your tools. For example, you should definitely take time to learn how to properly use pepper spray if you intend to bring it with you. Tips like distracting the assailant by shouting STOP, holding the canister 6 inches away from your own face, and fanning your container should help with effectiveness.
  5. WATCH OUT for animals I’m sure you have a story about a dog off his/her leash that either followed you on a run or – worse – attacked. And some of my friends from home have had to contend with bears, mountain lions, and other animals during walks, hikes, and runs. There are some tricks you can employ depending on the kind of predator you encounter. For instance, bears can run in excess of 30 mph, so trying to outrun them is futile.
  6. DOWNLOAD smart apps If you run with your phone, which is always a good idea (and great way to keep pace with WalkJogRun), think about downloading a few safety apps. For example, My Panic Alarm turns your phone into an instant alarm with the push of a button. And Watch Over Me will contact a list of emergency contacts if you don’t reach your set destination (via GPS) at the expected time.

Written by  Ashley Marcin.

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